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Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute remains a criminal origanization for theft of computer services.

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2003 March 06: Israel murders fifteen Palestinians.
	-- The Iron Webmaster, 2546
The Price of Resisting the Jewish Dictatorship
Zion hit points

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    Mitt Happens

    Does Romney support a national homeland for the Mormons?

    Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Ayn Rand!

    2012 Election

  • Chess v Football, Israel v Iran
  • Israel's sham evacuations
  • Reforming the US political system
  • Arab Spring and Revolution

  • Israel blusters on attacking Iran
  • What Iran should do
  • What Turkey should do
  • What the US should do

  • Running commentary, mostly Iraq
  • There damned well better be an occupation
  • Uri Averny on boycotting Israel, pt. 2, response 1
  • The Palestinian Israeli conflict in 9 words
  • Israel's unspoken nuclear leverage
  • Prediction time, The White House Vegetable Garden
  • Gaza, Israel's bullet riddled foot
  • Are Jews or Israelis responsible for the Gaza massacre?
  • Barack Obama's real Secret
  • Israel
    Antizionism is a moral imperative.

    Jews stole the land.
    The owners want it back.
    That is all there is to know about the conflict.
    Made in Alexandria: The Origin of the Yahweh Cult
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    The Real Homo Sapien migration out of Africa

    If there are an infinite number of parallel universes then there
    * is one in which there are no parallel universes.
    * are an infinite number in which there are no parallel universes.
    -- The Iron Webmaster, 4374

    What if evolution turns out to be a game of Highlander?

    The tunnel is a trap baited with a bright light and love.

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    Boycott, Divest, Sanction Israel
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