Anti-Zionism is a moral imperative
by Matt Giwer, © 2009 [April 5]

  • Global correction: Egypt did attack Israel in 1948. Revisions to follow.
  • For those who object to the use of "jewish" please mentally insert the preferred Israeli phrase "jewish and democratic" to as not to be offended.

    There has long been a need for a quick reference to expose Israeli lies. I offer this as a modest beginning.

    Keep in mind in 1948 when Jews claim Israel was attacked their fighters were all officially designated as terrorists by Britain. That the neighboring countries attacked terrorists must be praised rather than condemned.

    If there is no occupation then one cannot claim the rights of a lawful occupier. Punishing resistance is the right of a lawful occupier.

    Do you really think the Jews of Tunisia do Russian circle dances while singing Hava Negilah to the tune of Irving Berlin?

      • Religious segregation is the Jewish (and democratic) policy of the people and the government of Israel.
      • The Absentee Owners laws of 1949 prove the Palestinians owned the land in Israel and that the Jews stole it.
      • In the last two decades both Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia were wiped from the map. One expects nothing more excited if Israel is wiped from the map.


    Jews stole the land.
    The owners want it back.

    That is all there is do know about the conflict. Everything else is a deliberate distraction.


    What Israel does to the people living under its jewish dictatorship is different from the what other countries do to their own citizens. The world does not condemn the degrading treatment Jews hand out to their non-jewish citizens.

  • Antisemitic: anything contrary to the goals of
    professional Jews
    	-- The Iron Webmaster, 1466