Let's make a biological weapon
by Matt Giwer, © 2005

We get hysterical mention of bioweapons and terrorists every day. So it must be easy to do. So lets make one.

Diseases are contagious and if we use it we and all our fellow terrorists will eventually be exposed to it and be at risk of dying of it. So the first rule of a bioweapon is it cannot be contagious. That rules out smallpox, influenza and just about every other know disease.

So right up front the crap about smallpox as a threat is out the window. And the US agrees with this as the top priority in the military is not smallpox vacination, it is anthrax. Botulism? The only interest is in the toxin not in the bacteria. The bacteria is killed by air, period. There is no way to change that.

It is anthrax because a few rare strains of it kills most infected people and it is not contagious. The effort in weaponizing anthrax is to produce spore clumps of exactly the right size to lodge in the lungs, not too large or too small. And after decades of research no country, not the US not Russia has accomplished this. Pardon me but I don't think a man in a cave in Afghanistan can do it either. Certainly not even Saddam Hussein either.

But if you still want to take a shot at it you will have to come up with an entirely new disease which no one else knows about. This is before you invest the hundreds of millions into the R&D and production facilities.