Fun with Factbook
by Matt Giwer, © 2009 [May 29]

And a silly page title. The most popular US Government public document is the CIA World Factbook. To make a long story short if you go to this page and scroll down you will find This is the data for each country in tab delimited spreadsheet format. It is by type of data like GDP by country, population by country and so forth. Simply this is the raw data which can be used to use a spreadsheet to find say GDP per capita per square mile by country. If odd things like this do not interest you then this page is of no interest to you.

What I have done here is take the first step in making use of this raw data. I created an OpenOffice spreadsheet, oocalc's ods format, with each of the 57 rank order lists on their own page. This is the roughly 250KB file. Right click on it to download and save to your computer. OpenOffice® is a free suite of tools to have the functionality of MS Office.

Playing with spreadsheets is not one of my fun thing in life so I have no immediate interest is making it more useful in general.

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