The 98 pound Weakling War

Happy Hannukah Gaza

Mizzile Tov!

We are not the terrorists.

Only antisemitism prevents this from looking like a massacre.

Imagine the joy of killing at will.
Imagine the pleasure of wiping out a family with a single shell.
Imagine the ecstacy of toddlers crying to their dead mothers.
Imagine the sorrow of being an eternal victim.
Imagine the pride of being a Jew.
                                -- Matt Giwer, 2009

I am at peace with the fact that we did it.
                                --Tzipi Livni, Foreign Minister, Israel, Jan 20, 2009

Any report must include the damage caused during the operation and in the past eight years to the communities of the south as a result of the Qassam fire.
                                -- Ehud Olmert, Prime Minister, Israel, Jan 21, 2009

Only a jew-hating Nazi would dare condemn this.
82% of Israelis approve of it

Gaza in July 2006


This is Israel's justification for all the above