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Reflections upon the Holocaust

What YOU are asked to believe

The gassing is not the Holocaust
      And the Holocaust is not the gassing. Yet there is a constant confusion that the two are identical. Not only that, there is a confusion with regard to what the Holocaust is, whether it refers to only the Jews or to everyone, whether 6 million are a tragedy and the other 6 million only a footnote.
      Despite all of the talk about the Holocaust, it is one of the least defined events in history.

The issue of 12 million deaths
      The problem with the deaths is rather more interesting. A long forgotten fact is that, as a result of WW II, 31 million people in the European theater were completely untraceable after the war. Those who look towards the holocaust for an explanation, assign 12 of these 31 million to Nazi extermination programs.
      The problem is that every person recorded to have been sent to a camp is accounted for to the limits of record keeping errors.

The issue of gassing
      One of the more difficult things to deal with regarding the holocaust is the use of gas for mass extermination. Part of the reason for this is that the details about these gassings are known. Another part of the reason is that the eyewitness reports do not appear to describe the gases they claim were used. I will try to fill in this gap.

The evidence

      The impression of the evidence is not the same as the evidence itself. While it is always presented as though it were a cut and dried case in all matters there are far more questions than answers. And we are also asked to believe all of this without the slightest bit of physical evidence.

The Search for the vanished
      If they disappeared into the camps, there should certainly have been a search for forensic evidence. Ignoring that, there would certainly have been a search for the remains so a few stars and crosses and appropriate words could be said in the right places. That is the human thing to do and always has been.
     No such thing has ever been done.

The Number of the Gassed

"I looked into the name of the holocaust and it's number was six million. Count ye not to twelve but go directly to six."

      I found it quite surprising that there are references to the holocaust and six million long predate World War II.

The Pre-World War II Political Situation

      As I have come to always expect, history is more complicated, has much more to it, than is found in the average history book. And if I compare my textbook and documentary and specialized reading information I find them all in close enough agreement for the a non-scholar such as myself. But this means the military campaign only.

      The holocaust part of it is very different. For years I had only heard about the post 1933 involvement of the Jews and then very little other than their victim status. I was surprised to find otherwise.

The Destruction of European Jewery

      It is often bemoaned by Jews that the "rich of life of European Jewry" was destroyed by the Nazis. But that destruction was conceived and started before Hilter was born and continues to this day. The architects of this destruction were and are the Zionists. The Zionists envisioned a Europe free of Jews, Judenrein if a word can be borrowed.

      In fact the Zionists and the Nazis collaborated in this destruction. Even at the height of the reported destruction by the Nazis, the Zionists worked to prevent Jews from going to any country other than Palestine. When the Swedish government considered accepting all Jewish Danes in advance of the Nazi occupation of Denmark the Zionists lead the opposition against it.

What were they thinking?

      Going through all of this holocaust material I had to keep asking myself just what was going on. It was difficult to assume all of these people were knowingly lying yet they were reporting so many clearly impossible things.

      The answer had been in front of me for years. Western Europeans are an abberation upon the normal way in which the human race thinks. Eastern Europeans think in the more traditional way humans think and express themselves.

What witnesses say

      The issue of witness testimony is often mis-stated by those who defend the holohaust. They hold that revisionists invent different reasons to reject each type of witness in order to reject the entire story. What they never mention is that is the second step in examining the story.

      The first step is to review the statements, which is often sworn testimony, of the witnesses. In that review we discover the witnesses regularly report things ranging from the unlikely to the flat out physically impossible.

      Some do not appreciate the significance of reports of the physically impossible. It means the the person could not have witnessed what he reporting. When the substance of the report is predicated on the impossible, there is no reason to take any of report as truthful.

      As with the stories of the first gassing, we find that the more detail the witnesses go into the more they tell stories that are mutually exclusive of the stories of other witnesses. Their stories are such that both can not be true at the same time; meaning that all but one of them is lying.

The problem of the Orders

      When we view the behavior of Germany we find a very marked difference between those on the Eastern and Western Fronts acting under the same orders and policies.

What our media does not say

      Certain subjects are off limits to the US media by choice and in many countries of Europe by law. These subjects center around Israel and the Holocaust. They are the only subjects that are off limits to our media.

Evil Germans and Nazis

      It is often suggested that there is something inherently wrong with the German people for having supported the Nazi Party. Today very little is known about the details of that party and why people might have supported it. It certainly turned out that not much good came from it but that does not mean that it was obvious on the face of it.

Debate of the Holocaust is prohibited

      While it is clear to anyone that civil discussion of the Holocaust is prohibited people such as Bradley R. Smith have worked for an open debate of the events that have come to be subsumed under the name Holocaust.

If you are a believer

      If the very idea that material like this is permitted to exist, if you are a true believer, then you should know there is little you "believe" that is accepted by authorities.

Enter the hated Revisionists

      Revisionist is a title given to those who have looked at the absurd claims for the Holocaust and viewed the skeptically but, far worse, have publically spoken or written of it. The third class of Jew that Joseph Sobran writes about will not have it spoken for their own very self-serving reasons.

      Revisionist simply do not take the stories on face value.

For the Skeptical

      Those skeptical of laying all the blame for this upon the Russians and storytellers, you deserve answers. They are in the last link. What we find is a pattern of old time traditions that existed in those days that have been lost and fogotten today.

The People and events you need to meet

The Witnesses
The Writers
The Defenders
The Events
The Camps

And now for something completely different

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Speaking up and speaking out

      In this climate there are still people speaking out on what they see as the truth. They are often reviled, harrassed, even brought into court on criminal and civil charges. Their websites recount their efforts and experiences as well as of others.

      Human nature is not to surrender to the attacks of others for any reason.

      These people do not ask you to like them. These people do not ask you to accept everything they say. These people only ask that you read and decide for yourself.

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