The Holy Land in Pictures
Imagine what an immoral army would do

Israel pretended outrage when the child of criminal squatters in occupied Hebron died in an alledged Palestinian sniper fire incident.

All other images on this page were brought to you courtesy of the special relationship between the US and Israel.

Qana a UN refugee camp in Lebanon, 1996

Qana, man

Qana, woman

Qana, Old people

Qana, children

Qana, decapitated infant

Israeli raids, Lebanon 1996

Lebanon, Janta, 1998:
Burnt alive

Nabatyiah, Lebabnon, 1984:
Lost an eye when Israeli Air Force bombed her school bus

(Qana, Lebanon 1996

Janta, Lebanon, 1998:
A baby after an Israeli napalm attack

Qana, Lebanon, 1996

Qana, Lebanon, 1996

Arab girl after 1998 Israeli attack before years of treatment

Same girl, after treatment

Gaza Strip, Palestine, 1996:
Beaten by a Jewish settler

Qana, Lebanon, 1996:
corpse of child under the damage

Beirut, Lebanon, 1995:
He lost both of his hands during the Israeli raids on Lebanon

Qana, Lebanon, 1996

Nablus, Palestine, 1998:
This baby was shoot on the chest by and IDF soldier.

Husan Village, Palestine, 1997:
Jewish settler attacked her home with a "Molotov" Bomb

Gaza Strip, Palestine, 1995:
Another Victim of Jewish settlers

Qana, Lebanon, 1996

Qana, Lebanon, 1996:
She was buried alive.

Janta, Lebanon, 1998:
She was burnt by Napalm.

Qana, Lebanon, 1996:
Died sitting.

Beirut, Lebanon, 1997:
after an israeli Raid

Burned to death in Napalm attack - died in her chair, before she even fall over!

Arab homes burned down

Arab families sent fleeing

Arab children seized by troops

Arab teenagers shot in the streets

Arab children dragged like dogs

Arab mothers shot dead in front of their children

Grafitti calling for death of all Arabs. Is this like "Araben raus, nach die Vergasenkammern"?

Arms broken during arrests. He must have fallen down and hurt himself.

Gunned down in the street

Blown apart in air raids

Mosque attacked with tear gas

Heads blown off

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