Book Review
Israel's willing Executioners
by Matt Giwer, © 2002 [October]

         This new book tells the story of the millions of ordinary Jews around the world who remain silent while jewish Israel expelled, dispossessed, murdered, tortured, raped and pillaged millions of innocent and helpless Palestinians from 1948 to the present. Deliberately titled in the past tense it accentuates today's silence.
         In excruciating detail with meticulous documentation the author gives dozens of examples of silence in the face of atrocities unquestioned and even proudly announced by the government of Israel. Citations from major wire services and newspapers and magazines, TV networks and internet sources clearly demonstrate the silence cannot be attributed to lack of information.
         Drawing upon his encyclopedic knowledge of Zionism and decades of study of events in Israel, the author paints a compelling picture of millions of silent Jews around the world failing to lift their voices against the actions of Israel. More than simple silence, he documents dozens of jewish organizations speaking in the name of diaspora Jews giving full support and financial assistance to Israel without a word raised in protest by the silent majority of Jews.
         The author vividly contrasts the ugly, aggressive Israeli with the silent majority pointing out the contrast is so sharp as to doubt the existence of a silent majority. The author inexorably leads the reader to the conclusion the silence is in fact affirmation and support of the execution of Palestine.
         In case after case the author documents what appears to be criticism of Israel by a few Jews prominent Jews and jewish organizations are no more than mere quibbles over details while condoning the objectives, giving the impression of disagreement where it is no more than a discussion of the best route to drive across town.
         The author produces tables from the public tax returns of non-profit jewish organizations showing how hundreds of millions of dollars escape taxes each year by being sent to Israel in support of stealing land from Palestinians. Financial claims from fund raising letters and transcripts of soliciting phone calls are reproduced.
         The author gives numerous examples of everything from crude communist style propaganda to the best of Madison Avenue which exist in the every day public discourse and dissects them in comparison to the real history of Israel in the words of its own government and own historians. The reader will never look at Israel in the same light again.
         The alliance between pro-Israel Jews and the most anti-intellectual, repressive and racial supremacist elements of society is exposed in such detail the reader asks himself why he has not seen it before reading this book. The alliance between Zionism and apartheid South Africa from its beginnings with Herzl and Rhodes through its cooperation in nuclear weapons development and testing is exposed. The unholy alliance between American Christian fundamentalism and Zionism, each believing in the ultimate destruction of the other, is documented in detail.
         This stunning documentation and condemnation of jewish silence is not a dry read of details but rather a described in terms comprehensible to even the casual reader. Verbose Zionist justifications and explanations are reduced to their simplest terms in ways that will often bring to chuckle to the reader's lips and a "how could I have missed it" to the mind.
         The Jew reading it will question his own silence. The Jew reading it will question the advocacy of those who claim to be his leaders. This book is certain to divide congregations and set synagogue against synagogue. The powerful, simple and direct exposition arms all readers with ready answers which cut through the fluff and diversion of Zionism.
         Chapter 4, entitled One Thousand and One uses for dead Relatives cuts through through the cynical and self-serving use of the Shoah, named the Holocaust by Hollywood, as supporting the meanest actions of politicians in Israel. Should the government protect West Bank squatters, euphemistically called settlers, while they attack and kill Palestinians? If it does not the Palestinians will finish the work of Hitler, is the nutshell of the answer provided by the author. Should Israel make peace under fire? If under fire then in the fire, is the Zionist response.
         Chapter 10, entitled Can Hollywood be wrong? digresses upon the Hollywood popularization of the label Holocaust being so influential that it has largely replaced the original name Shoah in the world. Pointing out the dichotomy the author notes that in Schindler's List even Hollywood mega-producer Stephen Spielberg portrayed gas chambers as a camp rumor instead of being real. In a cutting analysis of the cliff-hanger style portrayal the author suggests the movie will be used to prove in the future "we knew it all along."
         In the epilogue the author deals with the obvious comparison of his book with Goldhagen's, Hitler's willing Executioners and not only admits the comparison is deliberate but cites it as his inspiration. Silent Germans permitted Nazi Germany to destroy the foundations of European Jewry and silent Jews are permitting Zionist Israel to destroy the foundations of Palestinian society and even its humanity. Copious materials support a near exact parallel between the two silent peoples.
         Even if you have no interest in this subject it will provide insight into how a political movement, Zionism, can pervert an entire religion, Judaism, and co-opt another religion, fundamentalist Christianity, to its ends and cow the dissenters into silence. Those who have read Goldhagen's book will find the parallels as striking as the author says he found them.
         In the end we cannot see how the future will judge our actions today. The christian admonition judge not lest ye also be judged has not applied to Nazi Germany and will likely not apply to us either. Those who presume to judge the entire world in their own eyes must expect to be judged by the world.

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