Made in Alexandria
The Origin of the Yahweh Cult
by Matt Giwer, © 2011, 2012, 2013

Archaeology is done with neither the bible nor Herzl as reference.

The Letter of Aristeas is a forgery therefore the Septuagint is the original

As we know for a fact that the Old Testament could not possibly have been written in bibleland by the people living in bibleland it is of interest to examine where it was created and by whom.

There is a fundamental difference between belief and knowledge. People believe the darnedest things. Belief is a matter of choice. Knowledge is based upon what is experienced through the senses.

Disagreements with this based upon sophistry are not of interest. Abstraction from immediate, primary experience does not change the source of knowledge.

Hundreds of millions of people believe many things about the Old Testament. But when it comes to knowledge the situation is much different.

  • No one knows why the books of the Old Testament were written.
  • No one knows who wrote them.
  • No one knows when they were written.
  • No one knows the original language in which they were written.
  • No one knows when the idea they were religious works started.
  • No one knows when they became a component of a religion.
  • No one knows why any particular selection of books was made.

I will endeavor to address these issues and more in what follows. However there is a short summary for the impatient.

The shortest form is, we know where the books could not have been written and we know the dates they could be no older than. These exclude bibleland and any date prior to the 3rd c. BC. Those two facts preclude all current religious beliefs about its origin.

Before you go further keep in mind what I say cannot possibly be true because it contradicts religious and political beliefs. For believers that means the most superficial and known false single data proves what I say is wrong. Further it justifies the most scurrilous personal attacks the filthiest believing minds can invent.

The religion of the priests was not the religion of the people
The Old Testament itself screams loudly that the Judeans were polytheists. The priests of the Yahweh cult are constantly railing against the polytheism of the people. If we had records of the other priests we would expect them to issuing the same condemnations of worshiping but would include the evil Yahweh. It is a strange conceit to assume the political position of the Yahweh priests seeking dominance was the only one. It is even stranger to think one cult was superior to the people without also believing in a divinely inspired religion. The people rule; the priests are servants.

    Narrating the Origin of the Bible

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