The Waco Incident
Matt Giwer (c) 1994 <10/20>

This is an unpaid advertisement for a videotape everyone should have and watch and show to anyone who will sit still long enough to watch. The video is entitled, "The Waco Incident." It is available from KPOC-TV, 114 West Central, Ponca City, Oklahoma, 74601, for $23.45 postpaid.

It tells the clearest and the most damning highlights of the the Branch Davidians story from the first senseless attack to the final murders and destruction of the evidence. What is left out of the story only supports what is told in 100 minutes. It is an excellent use of 100 minutes.

Those who have been following it are going to see or hear little new to them. What they will see is the story put together from beginning to end in one coherent and very viewable piece of investigative reporting. It is not without its human interest emotional content mixed with its factual content.

What distinguishes it from other tapes is that it does not dwell upon the tedious conspiratorial details. Rather it takes the network tapes at face value and dwells upon what they mean in context.

For example, it does not try to make a case for how the four BATF agents died or whether or not they were the ones going into the second floor window or that they were Clinton bodyguards. Rather it shows the tapes of the attack with a voice over of the Branch Davidian 911 call that happened at the same time and lets the viewer judge who is responsible for what.

It does not pull punches in any respect. When the description is murder it uses the word murder. It does not use death. It does not use the passive voice. In doing so it uses these terms with reference to supportable points without going into the details. It is the kind of blunt talk the rare references in the mainstream media couch in non-judgmental terms.

For example, it uses as a point of departure the known and established effects of CS gas and its burn products without digressing into "proving" them. The fact that the products upon heating are hydrogen cyanide, hydrogen chloride and carbon monoxide are matter of factly with the manufacturer as the source of the information. It clearly points out the case of autopsy reports listing the cause of death as smoke inhalation simply neglects to mention what kind of smoke.

It does a matter of fact interview with a retired army helicopter pilot who was recalled to active duty solely for the purpose of participating in the BATF with his statement he was sworn to secrecy regarding what happened in the attack. Why him? It is unstated other than that he is a Vietnam veteran and the tactic in Vietnam was to initiate an attack with helo fire into the roof of a building prior to the ground attack. You pick a reason, you can hear his own words.

Following this it carries a taped interview with the Commanding Officer of Fort Hood recounting the reporters being stonewalled by the government and pointing out that he is stonewalling them. In this case the stonewalling is specifically the criminal use of the military while the Commanding Officer reiterates that he follows the law.

From the reference to the statements of three Texas judges that the warrant does not satisfy the requirements for such a warrant to the murderous deviation from the final attack plan the tape is damning to the government.

There are no exaggerations here. There are no conspiracies here. There is nothing you are asked to believe that is beyond what is stated and shown. It is clear, it is factual, it is all supported directly or by passing reference.

Regarding its value compared to the other tapes. I had shown one of them to a person who knew little of the events at Waco. That conspiracy tape made little impression. This one elicited the comment, "I didn't understand what it was all about before." Now she wants us to visit Waco and where the survivors are imprisoned and conduct interviews.

If you you want to see it all in one place, if you want others to see it, this is the tape to have. If you have local talk show people who have not seen it, lend them your copy, buy them a copy of their own. Above all, advertise it. Let people know it exists.

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