Nizkook Kentral
by Matt Giwer, © 2005 [Feb]

I have not bothered putting up this explanation in hopes people might learn something about the internet for themselves. After nearly ten years I see that was a futile hope. A related article on usenet spams and cancellation floods has been up for some four years.

If you are here because of Nizkor or the sycophantic holohuggers on public discussion posting things attributed to me, claiming I posted derogatory material about Jews or praise of Hitler and the Nazis, this is the article to read.

This is an example of a real Usenet post. The important part are the lines you never see unless you set your newsreader to see them. Ordinarily only the lines like From: and Subject:. You do not see all the other lines like References: and path Path:. Examine the options on your news reader for the option to see them all. It will read View Full Headers or something similar.

The bottom line is, if you do not have the full headers there is no way to verify who created the post or its contents. To verify the contents you go to and, using the information in the headers, search for the original, unmodified post. Upon finding you read the posts in the thread, those preceding and following it to put the post in context.

If that yields no results then use the advanced google search and search for the exactly phrase they claim I used and see if there are any results.

I admit if a person who claimed to be a Jew called me a Nazi I would certainly give as good as I got and call him a kike. But usually they are covering up posts that demolish their holy holocaust claims.

The sycophants who promote Nizkor, hereinafter referred to as nizkooks, are particularly malevolent beasts, pigs perhaps. Almost to a man they identify themselves as Jews. You can search Nizkor for on my name and find hundreds of posts attributed to me. Not one of those posts has the full headers nor the slightest suggestion of a complete post much less the context. As such the collection of posts created by the nizkooks are deliberate and willful forgeries.

I challenge anyone to find any post of mine on which in fact sounds anything like the nizkook forgeries. What you will not find there is the post by Larry Shiff using the handle Marduk referring to me saying, He's not an antisemite but I will make him one. This preceded the usenet spams and cancellation floods and the related harassing phone calls and death threats to me and my family.

So how did I get involved in this izziehugging, holohugging debacle? I simply stuck with the facts of physical reality and refused to accept bullshit from holohuggers. What did they do in return? created one of the largest character defamation repositories in modern times. It is not as though I said what they claim.

I admit anyone who had claimed to be a jew and called me a Nazi I called a kike. But I never started the exchange of invectives. But they forged posts where it is only says I called someone a kike. That is in law forgery, defamation, libel and a moral killing offense.

It is a matter of giving as good as you get. They call me Nazi I call them kike. No difference. The insult is equal.

But the nizkook archives were created by these kikes and I have no problem pointing out these jewboys are lying sacks of shit, jewgirls also just so I cannot be accused of being sexist.

Terrible language is it not? But I did not start it. The jewboys started it. And they created all the forged material on Nizkor. And that is all the jewboys cite as sources for what I have said.

I am not yet antisemitic but all these jewboys keep referring to such obvious forgeries (they are bright are they not? and they should know better should they not?) I cannot come to any other conclusion than they are scum of the earth animals. Not all Jews. Just the stupid-ass dumb Jews who cite Nizkook Kentral.

My point of view
All said and done this archive of forgeries was released overnight. The damage was done. What could I do? Put yourself in my position. A massive compendium of forgeries is suddenly released. The game is over. There is no way to retract it. So what do I do?

I could retire to a Buddhist monastery. I could drop off the internet. Or I can get even. I chose to get even.

On choosing to get even I observed these jewboys hold sacred their holy holocaust, their religion and their apartheid Israel. Before the jewboys left me no choice but to get even those were minor issues. After there was no choice but to get even. They declared the ground-rules.

Before they did, I had no particular interest in differentiating Old and New Testament religions. Since then I have taken particular delight in pricking the Old Testament and I have enjoyed the intellectual exercise in doing so.

Before this my only real gripe with Israel was the attack on the USS Liberty but since then lets go after their sacred cow, Israel. Why not? They attacked me so I return the favor. Make me your enemy and you make an enemy. Israel! Purge your friends who make enemies for you.

This is not a vendetta per se. This is simply a matter of emphasis. I will win because the facts are on my side. Winning will not be due to me. I had no choice but to fold or fight back against the lies and forgeries so I cannot be blamed for a normal human response to being attacked. No blame.

What is Nizkor?

Nizkor claims it started as a vanity website by as welfare queen name Ken McVay. He claims to have started the site while on welfare but spending his days at the library reading and typing in the material by hand. Both of those activities sound like a means of gainful employment.

As of six years ago, the address of Nizkor is a commercial mail drop and the alternate phone number was answered by El Manuel Synagogue. Ken McVay claims to be a Christian. He promotes his Christianity as evidence of impartiality on holocaustic matters. I don't see the connection myself. Is he saying only a Jew would lie?

Rumor had it for years he was suffering from AIDS. Another rumor has it he died in the Fall of 2004. Although there are occasional Usenet posts using his name there is no indication he is still alive. Anyone can use any name they want on Usenet.

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