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So little really happens each day it explains why they have to pay people to write four hundred word articles about next to nothing.

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2008 Feb 03

Four undersea cables have been cut in the last four days
All of them affect the middle east except Iraq, Lebanon and Israel. Egypt reviewed the surface ship traffic and found none were near the cable that serves Egypt at any time near the break.

Knowing they were cut by submarines narrows the list of suspects.

2008 Jan 07

True facts I could not make up
Al Qaeda's number one American member is Adam Pearlman going under the names, Adam Gadahn, Azzam Gadahn, and Azzam al-Amriki. He is the one you usually see on al Qaeda tapes when it is not the dead bin Laden. Except this man is not dead. This is also the most ignored fact in all the news.

The largest spy ring in the US is not only based in Israel but in Turkey and Pakistan. Both Turks and Israelis were arrested after 9/11 on suspicion.

At present is it not known if the assassination of Bush on his mideast trip will be allowed to happened or be thwarted by Israel. There are benefits to the Neocons and Israelis either way.

2007 September 17

Would you believe Palestinians with balls?
Last Spring the US called for a summit in DC between Israel, the Palestinians and the major nations of the Mideast. It was to be a great step towards peace. Of course Israel objected. Last week unilaterally announced there would only be a declaration of principles at the meeting. This has happened before and Israel usually gets away with it and only a little grumbling from the other parties who play along with the game. The game of course is to continue meaningless negotiations for another thirty years on top of the previous thirty years.

This time Israel's announcement has gotten a serious response, We will not attend. This is embedded in clear statements that it is a waste of time unless the principles of peace are spelled out in detail as well as a time table AND collateral should Israel fail again to meet any timetable. I have no idea what they have in mind for collateral but the word means something automatically forfeit upon failure to perform.

Time will tell if they stick by their guns and succeed.

2007 September 07

Patraeus and the non-debate
Monday, the day before 9/11, General Patraeus will appear before Congress and testify in support of the Iraq report written by the White House. And people expect him to disagree with Bush? In the meantime, Bush is putting the finishing touches on a speech announcing the temporary surge will continue indefinitely with more troops to come.

In other news we learn there are 168,000 troops in Iraq. A few months ago when the count went over 150,000 it was explained as a temporary number accounted for by overlapping tours. Now that it has been permanently over 160,000 and still increasing one has to wonder if someone will ask the White House about this and challenge Bush to come up with a better lie.

2007 August 29

Latest Israeli war lie
The official truth being passed by Israelis and their traitorous American supporters around the world is that after 9-11 Israel talked only about Iran and not Iraq. Further the story has it Israel was not advocating war against either.

I have no idea what was said in private. I only know what the news reported including Israeli news sources.

From reading those sources every Israeli government official and the Jewish politicians were to a man advocating an immediate attack on Iraq.

Again, Israel is lying to create a new truth.

Shortly after the conquest of Iraq
Immediately after Bush declared "Mission Accomplished" Israel started floating the above. But it was too soon. Anyone who had read Israeli news sources knew that was untrue. Now they appear to assume enough time has passed that they can make this old lie official.

This is nothing new. Immediately after the 1967 war, Israel tried to promote the lie that it was attacked first. If failed miserably. It took more than ten years before they could get that lie accepted. Today you would be hard-pressed to find any source of information on that war which does other than repeat the Israeli lie. That includes US sources run by pro-Israel anti-American organizations.

2007 August 22

General Patraeus will give us the straight skinny
No he will not. His supposed candid report on the situation and prospects in Iraq will be written by the White House. Any bets on what the White House will say?

2007 July 1

Terrorism strikes in England
First a very amateurish car bomb does not go off in London and then a car burns at Glasgow airport. What is the world coming to when a burning car is called a terrorist attack? Don't they at least need something explosive any more?

2007 May 26

If we had known then what we know now
No, that does not refer to the Congressrats and their cop-out on voting for the Iraq conquest. That is what they will be saying when they come back into session after the Labor Day recess. While back home during the recess they are going to hear outrage that they did not stop the war. And that is why they passed it before the recess when there was no urgency to pass it. It was passed so they can say when they return, if we had known our constituents were so set against the war we would not have voted for it.

2007 May 14

Bush said we would leave Iraq if asked
The Iraqi government has asked us to leave. We are not leaving. That means Iraq is under belligerent occupation by a foreign power.

2007 May 12

Surging right along
The surge has failed, period. The more firemen you send to a fire the sooner the fire is out. The more police you send to a riot the sooner the riot ends. The more troops you send to Iraq the more the violence increases. All the internal redeployment to Baghdad and most of the additional troops are in Baghdad and the violence has increased. The surge has failed. It is time for Plan B.

Bush says to wait until September and Congress is willing to agree to wait. Why? So they can all have a vacation in August of course. American deaths in Iraq are easier to deal with while clearing brush on a ranch or getting drunk on a beach.

Lets have Plan B now and hope it is better than Plan 9 from Outer Space. It won't be but we will be encouraged to hope and to have patience even though its failure will be apparent immediately.

2007 April 12

15 months from 12
They volunteered. They have no complaint. This is an effective increase the available military by 25%. This sort of explains how they are going to go from a "surge" of 21,500 to 48,000 without having to say you lied.

And of course this is on top of less than one year in the US between deployments and a change in the rule for the National Guard of five years in-country for one year deployed. And of course we can do more of the same and win because the same failed in the past more of the same will win in the future.

Please define win. Bush still has not done that. Of course Bush is afraid if leave Iraq the Iraqis will swim the Atlantic and place IEDs on our streets. Years of coke and alcohol sure do rot the brain.

2007 April 11

Massive protest in Najaf a sign of Freedom
The lunatic neo-cons claim it is a sign of freedom that the protest was permitted. So it is a good thing.

The neo-loonies conclude the US must stay so Iraqis have the right to hold mass protests demanding the US leave. Looks to me like there would be no reason for the protest if the US were not there.

2007 April 10

Surging right along
Before I proceed let me concede to the die-hard Bushistas that the surge cannot be judged a success or failure until it succeeds. I know it cannot fail.

That said I was partially wrong in saying the violence would decrease in Baghdad and increase elsewhere for the duration of the surge. It has in fact increased every place including Baghdad. I see the cause of my error in assuming the Iraqis were as dumb as Americans and would believe the surge to be temporary. They saw it as permanent right away and saw no point to giving the Americans an appearance of even temporary success.

The shape of something new
It hasn't made the news yet so I don't know what is happening. If al Sadr has in fact started something it will come in the form of an additional component to the fighting. To date is has all be men on men or things like IED attacks on men. If there is a change it will be the addition of a strategic component.

The mostly likely form of this will be to interdict the land supply route from Kuwait. There is only one route and it consists of two highways one on each side of the Euphrates river which they follow towards Baghdad.

Cutting off supplies rather than just killing people is a strategic maneuver making it easier to kill more troops in the future. In all likelihood all militias including al Sadr's have been testing the best way to interdict these two highways for years so at the present the only thing to do is to organize the effort to do it all along the highways.

Should this succeed US troops will have to fight their way out of Iraq going north through Kurdish territory and on into Turkey. They will have to do with with the fuel, food and ammo they have at the time.

2007 April 08

Finally something new from Iraq
And here it is. [emphasis mine]

al-Sadr calls for attacks on U.S. troops
By SAAD ABDUL KADIR, Associated Press Writer Sun Apr 8, 10:54 AM ET

BAGHDAD - The renegade cleric Muqtada al-Sadr urged the Iraqi army and police to stop cooperating with the United States and told his guerrilla fighters to concentrate on pushing American forces out of the country, according to a statement issued Sunday.

The statement, stamped with al-Sadr's official seal, was distributed in the Shiite holy city of Najaf on Sunday -- a day before a large demonstration there, called for by al-Sadr, to mark the fourth anniversary of the fall of Baghdad.

"You, the Iraqi army and police forces, don't walk alongside the occupiers, because they are your archenemy," the statement said. Its authenticity could not be verified.

In the statement, al-Sadr -- who commands an enormous following among Iraq's majority Shiites and has close allies in the Shiite-dominated government -- also encouraged his followers to attack only American forces, not fellow Iraqis.

"God has ordered you to be patient in front of your enemy, and unify your efforts against them -- not against the sons of Iraq," the statement said, in an apparent reference to clashes between al-Sadr's Mahdi Army fighters and Iraqi troops in Diwaniyah, south of Baghdad. "You have to protect and build Iraq."

The question is only if al Sadr really did this or it is a US disinformation excuse to attack him again. This is the man the US vowed to arrest or kill at least twice. His militia prevented it. His militia has a reputation of winning against the Americans.

In the past he has endorsed avoiding conflict with the Americans. He has kept his militia and many times more Shia out of the fighting. Now he is telling them to fight.

There are three possibilities. The first is the status quo plus a skosh where his militia accomplishes no more than increasing attacks on the Americans. The second is the US defeats him and routs his militia. The third is this order becomes the focus for turning all warring factions against the Americans only for the first time.

The first results in additional posturing material for American politicians. This is the most likely outcome and this writing exercise is a wasted effort.

The second would be a noteworthy accomplishment. It would follow on two failures to the same thing. It would be the first time the US has ended any organized effort against it. This is also the least likely for the above reasons.

The third is the end of the war as this will finish in another Saigon moment, the moment when the last man to leave the Green Zone turns out the lights. If all the guerrilla activity is turned against the Americans and only against them then then there are not enough troops to hold more than the Green Zone and the larger bases.

If the Shia do follow his direction then the roads from Kuwait, which are the only land supply lines, become impassable. Troops will have to fight their way out through the Kurd north into Turkey with the supplies they have with them. This can all come down in the next two days starting with the rally called by al Sadr.

This is even an opportunity for the criminal gangs to redeem themselves by joining the attacks and becoming war heroes. Should it show signs of succeeding it is a near certainty they will join in as otherwise the winning Iraqis will have no justification to show mercy.

2007 March 12

Surging right along
Still nothing new to add. And that is the pity of it. There are still bombs going off every day in Iraq. Americans are dying every day. Even Iraqis are dying every day. Every day Bush calls for patience because nothing is changing.

We were asked for patience when Bush chose to ignore all the best advice he could get and do the exact opposite of the advice, increase the number of troops in Iraq. And here we are three months later and the only change is another increase in troops is on the way, 8200 more in fact.

So I have a serious question. What are all these extra troops to accomplish and when will be see it accomplished? But it is still don't ask/don't tell when it comes to the surge.

2007 January 18

Surge happens
Notice there is nothing to add to my December 30 comment.

There is something to add about the new congress. It is not against the war either. It just talks like it is. It needs to be stopped now not six years from now.

2006 December 30

What is the increase to accomplish?
The job.
What is the job?
Don't ask. Bush won't tell.

Don't ask/Don't tell

Nothing can fail if you don't know.

Surge a shitload of troops
The more cannon fodder the better. Unmentioned in the US is the Brits have reduced 1500 this year and will reduce another 7500 next year. So whatever the US increase subtract 9000 to find the real increase.

Bush the idiot
Unless everyone in DC has it all wrong Bush's handlers have convinced him the US is not against the war rather only against signs of losing it. Therefore more troops will be sent to create signs of winning and the public will miraculously turn about and support his war. I never said Bush was very smart. In fact I never said he was not dumb. Decades of drunk every day had no effect on Bush.

What will happen is more troops will mean more American deaths. The increased violence will be used to say why the temporary increase has to become permanent. We see Bush continuing on the path of Nixon in Vietnam.

If you have missed it, this month has had the greatest number of US deaths so far. These last three months have each set a record for the number of deaths. Hail George.

2006 December 18

The other Gates
The less important Gates, the new Secretary of Defense. To quote, "Defeat in Iraq would be a calamity for the United States." As the US will be defeated in Iraq we should be preparing for that calamity.

The first thing to do is stop exaggerating it solely for the purpose of rallying support for more troops. More troops are going to fail quite miserably. The worst aspect of the "calamity" of losing in Vietnam Jimmy Carter winning the next election. While that may appear horrible to many that was about the worst of it. Given that four years of John Kerry may be the worst of it.

The best of it may be the end of the neocons and the total replacement of the Cold War generation who cannot think in any but apocalyptic terms of total war. The future may not even be in war at all. But the way to find out is not to start them.

Impossible choices in Iraq
The Kurds are happy being independent for all intents and purposes. That leaves supporting the Sunnis or the Shia.

  • Support the Sunnis and the Shia supported by Iran cut off US supply lines from Kuwait.
  • Support the Shia and Iran benefits.
  • Do not pick sides and both Shia and Sunni attack you.
What lovely choices Bush has before him. He chose to have these choices and he is welcome to them. But he deserves little more than a public flogging after removed from office for choosing these choices.

2006 December 17

Screwed in Iraq
All of southern Iraq is unquestionably in the hands of the Shia with the major militia controlled by al Sadr. A couple years ago the US vowed to kill him. He is still around and in control. As I have mentioned before all supplies come from the south by road on trucks.

To repeat the bottom line any time the Shias want to slaughter the American forces in Iraq all they have to do is shut off the two highways on which all supplies have to travel. Then with only the supplies at hand all the US troops have to fight their way back down those highways to Kuwait to escape. If Iran decides to enter the fighting in support of their Shia allies relatively few are going to make it.

So lets piss on the ISG report and lets get ready to piss on Bush's January announcement of more troops in Iraq. If the additional troops are put in central Iraq instead of guarding those roads the Shia can attack and claim victory any time they want.

2006 December 14

Israel Supreme Court approves political assassinations
As an addition to my long string posts as to what others should do I suggest that Hamas and Hezbollah declare political assassinations an objective even if they have to call them targeted killings as Israel does. Israel has targeted the head of Hezbollah so clearly Hezbollah can lawfully target the Prime Minister of Israel as Israel has declared such acts lawful

I do not see why non-Jews are reluctant to imitate Jews unless they have higher more standards.

2006 December 10

War between Syria and Israel
A war is in preparation for this summer. After Israel's disaster in Lebanon it is engaged in serious readiness training. After that is completed the troops will have to be tested and Syria is the designated testing ground. Knowing this Syria is preparing for the attack ready to drop missiles on Tel Aviv.

2006 December 7

The Iraq Study Group Report
It is worth reading to see just how out of touch it is. All of its worst predictions happened before they first convened nine months ago. But they say such things might happen in the future. They were chosen for both age and senility.

2006 December 5

It's annual announcement season
Every year since 2003 the US has made a Christmas announcement that US troops would be below 100,000 by the end of the coming year. And it has always been said possible because Iraqis would be trained as police and ready to take over duties conducted by US troops. This gets as tiring as the annual Peace on Earth Christmas proclamation.

2006 December 2

Truce between Palestinians and Israel
It went into effect last Sunday the 26th. It will end in a few days when Israel murders a suspect. It called a targeted killing. The victim will be accused of something or other. No evidence will ever be produced. The Palestinians will stage a revenge attack and be blamed by Israel and the US for breaking the truce.

2006 November 28

How to defeat the US in Iraq
They do not need my help but it is very simple in principle at least. The practice is likely what they are working on at this time. It requires the Sunni and Shia call a truce for a week or two and use that time for an all out attack on American forces. It cannot succeed. It will be a repeat of the Tet Offensive that did not work. But the message is, if Iraqis unite they can drive out the foreign armies.

Speaking of American history
General George Washington was in the position as the insurgents in Iraq but it was worse because Washington faced British sympathizers wherever he went. There are no American sympathizers in Iraq.

The oddest thing
There are still Americans trying to explain away the situation in Iraq as being caused by outsiders other than the US. The entire cause of today's situation in Iraq is the US. I have no idea why people think they can explain it away as caused by someone else.

2006 November 27

Phased withdrawal from Iraq
Many years ago Nixon managed to sell a phased withdrawal from Vietnam, withdrawal with honor at a time when it was known the war was lost. From the time he sold that idea to the helicopter evacuation 20,000 Americans died. They died needlessly. They died for a phased withdrawal with honor which was of no value to the world or to their country or to their families and certainly not to them.

Phased withdrawal is the best the new Congress is offering. Insanity is doing the same thing and expecting the result to be different.

But they are defending us!
You have to have the mind of a child to believe that. Whatever they are doing it has nothing to do with defending us, our way of life, the flag, mom or apple pie. They are there because it is their job and the job sucks at the moment.

Speaking of a volunteer military, that is the point is it not? The military is a chosen job, a chosen career just like any other. There is no more reason to praise the military than the police, firemen, or garbage collectors.

For its Tommy this
and Tommy that
and throw him out the brute
but its savior of his country
when the guns begin to shoot.
       -- Rudyard Kipling

The entire support of the military at the moment is based upon WWII slogans and a sense of community obligation to support them. There are phrases like 'defending out way of life' and 'keeping us free' I have heard on local TV. Such terms have no conceivable bearing upon this stupid war. If you have said such words explain why you said them? Where you really in fear of Iraq invading the US? Were you that stupid?

2006 November 22

October in Iraq
3709 dead in October 2006 according to the UN. This is the highest month ever since the conquest. How bad could it have been under Hussein? The deaths were a total waste of life to no value whatsoever.

2006 November 20

Robert Gates for Secretary of Defense?
Everyone appears to have an opinion. Why? Because it is the only Republican news out of DC.

Me? He once ran the CIA. I have no idea what that has to do with running DOD. It is not look he is being groomed as a candidate for president. There is no point to broadening his experience.

2006 Nov 8

Speaking of change in Iraq
Fallujah is once more under the control of insurgents. It took at least three months of fighting to liberate it last time for all the good it did. Why does anyone one bother?

Back in the Fall of 2003 the US had taken over a school for its headquarters. The locals held a peaceful protest to get them to leave the school so they could start the school year. The US fired on the protesters killing a dozen or so. About six months later four armed mercenaries on the US side were killed in the city and strung up from the bridge. The US conducted its first attack demanding those responsible be turned over. Needless to say it didn't happen and there was more killing. When the US left the locals returned. Then came the three month siege.

What a waste of life.

2006 Nov 7

US elections
Americans have thrown the bastards out. Now we get to see the Democrats want to lose the Iraq war their way.

Smoking and obesity
Just to show this is not all Iraq. Today, because of the anti-smoking campaigns, millions of people are not smoking who should be smoking. Because of that they are not self-medicating against obesity and are fatter than fat.

As the death rate from obesity is greater than that from smoking the anti-smoking campaign was a very bad idea.

2006 Nov 5

Election 2006 in America
In 48 hours it will be all over except for the recounting.

Dems will still take the House and have a reasonable shot at the Senate. But they are still in favor of the Iraq war so no important change is expected.

2006 October 26

The worst month in a year
October in Iraq is the worst month for US deaths and wounded since October last year. Will this wake up Americans? Did it wake them up last year?

Israeli violations of Lebanon airspace will continue until
Originally the until meant until the smuggling stopped. No one else could find any evidence of any smuggling. So now the until means until the two IDF prisoners are returned. In other words the violations will continue until hell freezes over or the UN gets some balls and starts shooting them down.

Defining victory in Iraq
Victory is when the troops can all come home. Until then there is no victory.

2006 October 25

Israel staging incidents in Lebanon
Two of their jets fired near a German ship part of the UNIFIL contingent to neutrally enforce the ceasefire. Germany filed a complaint and Israel denied it happened but suggested closer cooperation to prevent what did not happen from happening again.

The same thing happened back when the US had troops in Lebanon. Israel was constantly staging incidents, denying them and urging closer cooperation to prevent what did not happen from happening again.

The purpose is solely to get formal cooperation so that Israel can advertise it to the Lebanese. The purpose is to turn the Lebanese against the UN troops. That is the strategy that worked and got the US Marine barracks bombed.

2006 October 21

lighter side of the news
The ozone hole is larger than ever and CFC production is almost non-existent. Back when CFCs were banned the hole was supposed to go away in only a few years, ten at most. It keeps getting larger. Why?

Funny thing is the first time we were able to observe the ozone over Antarctica there was a hole. We have never observed the antarctic without a hole. But some idiots started whining that CFCs were the cause of the hole.

I said way back when there was no evidence the hole was unnatural and clearly no evidence it was caused by CFCs. Again I was right.

But there is an excuse a very lame excuse but an excuse nevertheless. The claim it is because the Antarctic was colder this winter. "So in the middle of global warming and the melting antarctic ice cap it is colder. Warmer means colder and up is down and right is wrong.

2006 October 20

Mark your calendars
A US Navy battle group organized around the CVN Eisenhower will arrive off the coast of Iran on 21 October. The election is on 7 November. That leaves 16 days for another Gulf of Tonkin incident.

It's official. Baghdad is lost.
The US Military in Iraq admitted it has failed in its attempt to pacify Baghdad. This is failed as in Baghdad is lost.

In another failure, the availability of electricity in Baghdad is at its lowest level since the US invasion. How low is low? 2.4 hours per day. It was usually 24 and occasionally as low as 16 hours per day before the invasion.

I don't understand why Iraqis do not love Americans.

2006 October 19

Baghdad attacks up 22%
Great strategy. This was supposed to prove the US could control the capital. Don't worry. It is all the fault of the completely democratic, freely elected government of Iraq.

There is some good news. The US has had the sense to admit it has completely failed to pacify Baghdad. Why it was stupid enough to try has not been answered.

2006 October 18

Iraq war chronology

The fighting in Iraq
  • 2003 -- the fighters are dead-enders, whatever those are
  • 2004 -- the fighting is turning the corner
  • 2005 -- the fighters are in their last throes and this year is a turning point in the fighting
  • 2006 -- we are winning the battle for Iraq
I guess the fighting took a wrong turn. The point is I have always been right and the Bushistas have always been wrong about Iraq. How is that possible?

Shell game with troop numbers
Officially there are still only 130,000 US troops in Iraq. But between deploying units early and keeping them longer the real number is 145,000. On top of the Cheney just said there are 300,000 trained Iraqi security troops. On the third claw 445,000 troops cannot stop the increase in the violence.

OK believe Bush and there are only 130,000 US troops. So the violence has increased from 2003 to today's level even though the number of troops working against them has increased to 330,000. As the resistance has increased to at least ten times the 2003 level the resistance has increased by roughly a factor of 30.

2006 October 14

24 days to the US elections
What will that mean for Iraq? Nothing. The majority of those standing for election, Republican and Democrat are in favor of continuing the war in Iraq. The distribution of pro and con the war in the parties is also the opposite of the electorate distribution. That means once again there is no way to vote for a difference where the war is concerned.

655,000 deaths due to the war in Iraq
Most simply this number is based upon the same methods that are used to set life insurance rates around the world. There is no magic in it and no politics in it. Back in 1998 when then Secretary of State said 500,000 excess deaths due to sanctions were "worth it" that number used the same methods.

In any event, if the Bushistas disagree, lets see their number and their methodology. Also let them answer why they use other conflicts such as the Congo using the same methods. The answer is simple. Their denial is purely political. Iraqi deaths are hostage to US politics.

Not one person in field has criticized the methodology. Only political types have attacked the study but never with specifics. They simply know it is wrong.

Despite turning the corner back in 2004
The corner was turned and around the corner was increased US deaths and injuries and increased Iraqi deaths. Two and a half years after turning the corner and meeting a speeding truck head-on we have seen exactly what course Bush is staying.

2006 October 9

Iran war
Given "State of Denial" and the facts in it not being denied and the Republican pederast ring becoming public a pre-election war with Iran is almost essential for Republicans to continue to control Congress.

2006 October 7

Condi for peace in the Middle East
What a crock. She spends six day visiting every country of interest even getting her "I was in Iraq" T-Shirt and she offers nothing new. The antique wet dream of America, to strengthen the so-called moderate Arab leaders while at the same time telling them moderation is its own reward. Unlike Bush these are mature adult men who no longer need their mommies' approval.

There are exactly two options for these countries, moderate and radical. Moderate gets nothing in return for moderation so their populations become more radical. So what is the point of continuing to stand against the growing radicalism of their citizens when they gain nothing from it.

What do their citizens want? A just solution to the Palestinian problem. That is in fact what every poll, every survey, every man in the street interview says is the problem.

Yet for decades America denies this fact while radical Islam has grown. Bin Laden gave it as one of only two reasons. The 9/11 Commission identified it as one of the two reasons for 9/11. But the fact is still officially denied.

If the moderate leaders want to gain the confidence of their citizens they have to be able to show that moderation obtains objectives. If moderation does not them radicalism is the only alternative. It may not work either but no one will know until it is tried.

What have we seen work? Hezbollah frustrating every every objective gave for its war on Lebanon. And yet is it US diplomatic policy to require every country to say Israel won. The POWs are not free. Hezbollah was not destroyed. Hezbollah was not weakened. In fact a good argument can be made Hezbollah was strengthened simply by winning against Israel. Hezbollah did what no other military force has ever done against Israel.

In the face of this, Condi reminds adult men that moderation has to be its own reward because the US is not about to stop military and political and financial support of Israel.

2006 September 30

An eventful week
First a leaked National Intelligence Estimate supports everything I have been saying and then "State of Denial" by Bob Woodward backs up everything. Remember folks, you read it here first.

2006 September 25

The longest last throes in history
That sums up Iraq and Rumsfeld's assurance from early last year that the fighting in Iraq was in its last throes. After he made this incredible statement he assured the questioner that he had looked up the word throes. He did not say if he had looked up the word last.

So today Iraq is on the brink of civil war. If this is a brink what will the real thing be like?

2006 September 24

Zarqawi the mastermind of terror in Iraq
His death was announced more than three months ago. Violence has increased. How can this be? Obviously he had nothing to do with the level of violence. But the US insists upon going after people it calls terrorists when they have nothing to do with the level of violence. What a strange thing to do.

2006 September 22

The October Surprise
The week before the election, Bush will attack Iran. Of course Iran and the rest of us have been expecting it for over a year. They are certainly prepared and have counterattack plans in place.

The neocons have been lying about Iran and threatening Iran for years. Perhaps most important, Israel demands the US attack Iran.

The surprise awaiting the US is Iran is equipped to be a real life test of the latest Chinese and Russian military technology. It is what Israel is for the US. Of course Bush will bluster and piss and moan but will never answer why the US can do what other countries cannot.

Add to this recent public admissions that 2/3 of the regular army ground troops are unprepared for combat and only 40% of the reserve units are available for additional overseas duty. Further that it will take years to replenish army materiel if the US were to leave Iraq tomorrow.

The strange fixation
The neo-crazies have the same delusion about Iran and they did about Iraq. That after the US attacks the people will overthrow their present government and replace it with a government that loves the neo-crazies. That is what they believed about Iraq. They are so crazy they might still believe it.

The problem is either they are crazy or they are lying about their reasons for attacking Iran. As we know they lied about Iraq and are telling the same lies about Iran it is most reasonable to assume they are lying.

2006 September 19

A draft is the only answer
General Abizaid announced the 147,000 troops in Iraq will be there at least until the middle of 2007. That is up 20,000 from just two months ago.

2006 September 17

Tripwire Korea, Tripwire Iraq
Back on July 6 2006 I wrote of the meaning of tripwire for the 33,000 US troops in South Korea. They are meant to die in the opening round of hostilities between the North and South.

It is no secret Bush wants to start a war with Iran regardless of the cost. He knows the cost will be thousands of dead Americans in Iraq. Bush's problem with winning a war against Iran is it will need several million ground troops and there is no way to get that many without a draft. Without some major development there is no way to re-institute the draft.

But if Bush orders an air attack on Iran there will be thousands of deaths in Iraq Bush can blame on Iran. With US troops in Iraq as a tripwire Bush can get a draft to produce the millions of soldiers he will need for his war on Iran.

2006 September 12

The fifth anniversary
The fifth anniversary of the misappropriation the events of 9/11.

I am easy to amaze
But all these people "debunking" Islamofacism or Islamic Fascism are making their contract quota writing quota doing it.

There is no point in writing a damned thing beyond noting anyone saying anything like it is an idiot. One can expand that only to say an uneducated idiot. There is nothing more to say beyond that. Bush and the Republicans are at best idiots and at worst uneducated idiots.

Those who accept the official 9/11 story and reject any alternative seem to have memorized the silliest of the alternatives. At the same time they act as though they have never heard of the most credible alternatives. For example the video found in Afghanistan where bin Laden "admits" his guilt. They never admit to hearing those words are only in the English translation not in the original Arabic.

2006 September 11

Bush addresses the nation
And tells us the people in Flt. 93 recited the 23rd Psalm before rushing the cockpit. I wonder where he got that information and if it is available under an FOIA request. Why has the government been telling us they have no idea what happened in the last minutes if this is known? Bush would not make up something like this so there has to be solid information.

2006 September 9

Still waiting for the August tally
About a month ago I suggested US efforts to reduce the violence could be measured by comparing the death count between July and August. August was the beginning of a highly publicized increase in US manpower to fight the violence. Now comes the good news. The military will not release the new, reduced number.

Not only that but it was admitted that instead of all violent deaths only a few were being counted notably excluding deaths from car bombs. However they were good enough to announce the deaths were down 52% without providing the least evidence to support it. So where do we go to get real information?

The Baghdad morgue reported 1,526 dead, only 17.7% down from 1,855 in July. However Baghdad is where the US brought in 8,000 US and 3,000 Iraqi troops from other parts of Iraq. They mainly did house to house searches looking for troublemakers rather than just responding to troubles. One reasonably assumes the violence increased in the places from which they were removed.

Obviously they realized their mistake in giving the public a measure of success and when it was not all that interesting the groundrules changed.

From the article
Johnson said the numbers more accurately reflect the impact of Operation Together Forward's mission: targeting operations of shadowy sectarian death squads, who often use drive-by shootings, torture and executions as tactics for terror, rather than suicide bombings or rocket or mortar attacks.

While one may say August uses a better measure of the impact it cannot be compared to any month that did not use the same criteria. The consequence is we have no way to compare the two months and the fact is the military knows it. This is

2006 September 7

145,000 US troops in Iraq
That is up from the previous official 130,000.

2006 September 4

Fascist what?
The first thing is one has to be very ignorant of fascism to think it is anything like fundamental Islam. The second thing is it comes as part of a reference to WWII and WWII doesn't resonate with anyone under age 70 and likely even older. And the third thing is calling Hitler a fascist is a communist thing and foreign to American ears so it isn't going to resonate with anyone over 70 either. To Americans fascism is Italy and Mussolini is a cartoon figure for Americans.

So why are they doing it? Bush is 60, born in 1946. He knows it does not resonate with him. Who convinced him it would play in Peoria? My son was born in 1975 and Vietnam does not resonate with him. You folks have kids. Ever see anything that happened before they hit puberty resonate with them? Bush has kids younger than my son. He knows it does not work. What kind of insane world are they living in to think this would sell?

As it is everyone is sort of trying to take them seriously instead of laughing at them. There seems to be some sort of reluctance to ridicule big shots. Why not laugh at idiots? I do not understand.

The obvious explanation is that the neocons are openly communists while claiming to be reformed. Fascist resonates for communists. It was in all their propaganda. But their objection to fascism is that it was capitalist. They were not against the socialist or totalitarian aspects of it.

But the entire point is political. It is to declare Democrats are appeasers. Guess what? Appeasement doesn't resonate either. First off one has to have been past puberty in 1938 to care about that and that means mostly senile today. The senile are a definite Bush constituency but they tend to drool on the touchscreens and short them out.

But doesn't WWII itself resonate? Of course not. In the last twenty years all public focus and education has been about the holy holocaust with WWII in the background someplace if at all. It is all emotion and spittle. No one really cares these days about the politics of it. The Hitler (History) Channel also called the Holocaust Channel has great battle scenes, amazing German scientific cum military developments and the only negative thing is the holy holocaust. And even then, emaciated men in Dachau do not play well against emaciated children in Rwanda or Darfu or wherever today.

Even when Bush gave his speech in a VFW hall very few there were WWII vets, mostly Vietnam vets born after the war. VFW membership became majority Vietnam around 1990. And Vietnam vets are far from unanimous on foreign wars. While they did not run to Canada they were among the fraggers and the pot smokers and heroin users and all the other ways to avoid combat with faked reports of same. If they were not in that category they were in the category of those who did not report those who were.

Nor does it play to the Cold War crowd such as myself. We didn't give a damn about either Fascists or Nazis. They were history. Call the Islam communist and have half a chance that some might buy it and care. But most of us Cold War types are wondering why Washington still panders to the Cubans in Florida in dealing with Cuba. Free trade with Cuba is the best way to end communism in Cuba. Any rational person sees that. How can Castro compete with MTV? Does he moonwalk during his three hour speeches?

In any event this fascism thing is a huge fizzle. The point is they were so desperate as to try it. They have nothing left to try. Actually they do but I doubt Kaiser Wilhelm analogies by calling them Huns will get them any place. Not that I think they are bright to enough to know it will not.

2006 September 2

Supporting the Shi'ite majority
The US and Iran are supporting EXACTLY the same groups in Iraq but the US condemns Iran doing it. It looks like nothing more than a conflict over influence.

While we are at it Grand Ayatollah al Sistani, the most influential religious leader among the Iraqi Shi'ites has given up his peace making efforts saying it is no longer possible to hold off a civil war. He puts most of the blame on the failure of the political leadership to get a withdrawal date from the US. That had been his most valuable promise to maintain his influence.

Who won, Israel or Hezbollah?
Lets define victory as achieving stated objectives.

Israel's first stated objective was the release of two captured soldiers. They are still prisoners so that was a failure.

Next Israel announced the objective of the war was to destroy Hezbollah. Hezbollah is still there so that was a failure.

(Additionally Israel stated its land invasion was to claim all the land south of the Litani river. They didn't come close. They controlled about 5% of the land between Israel and the river.)

Finally Israel announced the objective was to weaken Hezbollah. But on the last day of the fighting Hezbollah first the most rockets into Israel so that was a failure.

On the other hand Hezbollah announced its objective was to free Lebanese prisoners through negotiations. That has not happened however negotiations are reported to have started. If there is a prisoner exchange Hezbollah will have achieved its stated objective. Time will tell if Israel will abandoned two soldiers to prevent Hezbollah from claiming victory. History shows they will not but it is too early to tell.

2006 August 28

Smart bombs and dumb bombs
With smart bombs Israel killed 1088 civilians and 93 fighters. With dumb ass bombs Hezbollah killed 41 civilians and 116 fighters. The obvious conclusion is Israel deliberately targeted civilians. But that is not the whole story. During the war Israel used 177,000 missiles, bombs, and artillery shells while Hezbollah fired only 4000 rockets total, no bombs, no artillery. With this ratio it appears Israel's killing was by using weapons indiscriminately.

41 total Israeli civilians dead with only 23 of them Jews because non-Jews don't get bomb shelters or even warning sirens. To see what that means there are five times more Jews than non-Jews so there should have been five times more dead if all else were equal. It shows how effective are warning signs and bomb shelters in saving Jewish lives.

And on top of that non-Jews will get less compensation for death and damages than will Jews.

2006 August 26

If were were fighting WWII
VE day would have been last month. That is Victory in Europe day for you youngsters.

2006 August 25

Israel's strategy
In the ceasefire Israel continues to make demands far beyond the scope of the ceasefire. As in the past the purpose is to increase demands until no rational country could agree and then accuse Lebanon of not honoring the ceasefire. In the meantime Israel continues its air and naval blockade in violation of the ceasefire agreement.

War on Iran
A year or more ago I pointed out how stupid that would be. Since then I have noted the same lies told about Iraq being recycled about Iran even down to the Niger yellowcake forgeries as uranium from the Congo this time. So Bush will attack Iran contrary to his authority as President. It is only a matter of time.

The main problem is Bush and Americans believe the US can dictate to Iran and failure to obey orders is a justification for war. In the meantime the same crazy fundamentalists and Zionists of the Christian and Jewish persuasions are behind the call for war.

"When did nuclear deterrence stop working?
"Iranian leaders are insane."
"Sorry I asked."

Whenever it is pointed out Iran would not attack the US "insane" or "crazy" or "fanatic" is trotted out to explain the most idiotic scenarios of Iranian behavior. The amazing thing is that they are never called on it.

Iran has held off US and Europeans demands on its nuclear program for years. Can crazy people do that? "Crazy like a fox but still crazy," you say? Fact is you are the stupid one to believe the propaganda. It is the same sort of thing that was said about Saddam Hussein -- but this time it is really, really true

Anyone supporting a US attack on Iran is a traitor to the US. It is completely contrary to US interests in the world as well as in the middle east.

The middle east has learned from the war on Lebanon
Israel can be defeated. Doing what the UN says does not guarantee peace. Israel can be defeated. Behaving peacefully does not guarantee peace. And of course, Israel can be defeated.

2006 August 21

State of war continues
Israel's air and naval blockade of Lebanon continues it war against Lebanon. If that is too hard for the braindead Izziehuggers to grasp, Israel continues to violation Lebanon's airspace as it has for the last 23 years. Each of those is an act of war. This is why any UN peacekeeping force must have surface to air missiles capable of shooting them down.

Back on the home front
Bush says unambiguously that Iraq had no connection with 9/11. So what was the conquest of Iraq all about?

2006 August 20

Ceasefire violations
So far they have all been by Israel. It is not clear what Israel is up to. Obviously Israel wants to continue the war but its military has not had time to learn what it did wrong and regroup. It did not have enough equipment to arm is reserves and what they did have was outdated, i.e. Hezbollah had better. It didn't even have enough water for them. These things cannot be overcome in a week or a month. It will take more like a year.

As Israel is in violation of dozens of UN Security Counsel resolutions there is no reason to expect Israel will honor this one. Counting both Security Council and General Assembly resolutions Israel is in violations of 321 total.

For the record Israel claimed the raid in the Bakaa Valley was to interdict an arms shipment from Syria to Hezbollah. There is no evidence of this. It is rather foolish to think Israel would risk losing a dozen or so men in a ground operation when an air strike would suffice.

Israel refuses UN troops
Seems if the country does not have diplomatic relations with Israel, Israel refuses to let them join the UN troops in Lebanon. Color me curious. How is it Israel gets a say in which troops are placed in Lebanon? I would have thought that to be Lebanon's business.

2006 August 19

Was this really all about war on Iran?
The conspiracy theorists are convinced. Given the US is telling the same lies about Iran as Iraq everyone expects a war on Iran regardless of what Bush says rather perhaps it is a near certainty because Bush denies it.

Iran and Syria have a mutual defense pact. Israeli newspapers (there is nothing really secret in Israel) say the US was encouraging an attack on Syria to bring Iran into it.

Remember the Cheney/Rumsfeld Office of Special Plans used to invent lies about a threat from Iraq? They have set up another one to invent lies about Iran.

Repairing Israel's carnage is an act of terrorism
Hezbollah was on site day one working to clean up the mess caused by Israel. Bush immediately declared that an act of terrorism.

A survey of New Orleans residents indicates they want to invite Hezbollah to help them.

Israel declares its intent to murder Hassan Nasrallah
I'm not here to take sides or anything but does this not mean Hezbollah has a lawful right to murder the Prime Minister of Israel? If no, why not?

And as Israel is constantly touting its murders of high ranking Hezbollah members does this not mean Hezbollah has the reciprocal right to murder high ranking members of Israel's government? Again, if not, why not?

It has been an unwritten rule for millenia that one does not assassinate opposition leaders mainly because it is stupid to do so. Their replacement is unpredictable and his tactics are therefore unknown and therefore surprising on the battlefield.

But as Israel has announced it as a policy it seems only reasonable that Hezbollah has every rational right to kill any and all members of the government of Israel.

2006 August 18

A test
1700 people in Baghdad were murdered in July. The US has moved thousands of troops to Baghdad to control the violence. In early September we will know if they did any good by comparing the number dead.

Just in case it was 3300 in all of Iraq. So if it goes down in Baghdad and up for the rest of the country the redeployment to Baghdad worked but didn't do a thing for Iraq.

Bush has been staying the course for months and it has only gotten worse. Anyone willing to bet on the August numbers?

Uranium ore scam
The neocons who were stupid enough to believe Iraq was buying uranium ore from Niger have now fallen for another stupid story. They are so stupid they believe believe Iran, which has uranium mines, was trying to buy uranium ore from a mine in the Congo that was shut down 45 years ago.

Neocons never lie. They really are stupid enough to believe these things.

2006 August 15

I can't make this stuff up
Bush declares Israel won against Hezbollah. Assad of Syria declares Hezbollah won and both French and German foreign ministers cancel visits because of his "reprehensible and irresponsible" statement.

Meanwhile back in Israel, the commentators are nearly unanimous that Israel lost. Israel's leaders are claiming they achieved victory by "weakening" Hezbollah in place the promised destruction. None have tried to reconcile a weakened Hezbollah with the greatest number of rockets on the last day.

What does one call it when 2000 Hezbollah hold off 30,000 IDF troops using the finest Israeli and US weapons? What does one call it when Lebanon holds out longer than entire armies in previous wars? What does one call it when Hezbollah and its leader have become popular all over the Middle East?

What will it be called in the next election when Hezbollah sweeps the election? What will it be called when Syria copies Hezbollah in preparation for the next Israeli attack? What will it be called when the antitank weapons Hezbollah used go into mass production?

As in the past so also the future
Israel's worth to the US and in fact its acceptance by a majority of Jews developed after it won the 1967 war. What happens after this loss?

What of the US?
US weapons lost. The US worked to give Israel all the time it needed until Israel started getting its ass kicked on the ground. Then the US and Israel agreed to ceasefire terms both had totally rejected from the beginning.

Whether or not you believe it that is how the entire Arab world sees it. It holds both Israel and the US responsible for the destruction of Lebanon. Back when it was only seen as the US holding off a ceasefire Rice was told to cancel her scheduled visits to Lebanon and Jordan. Now that what little prestige the US had left is gone how long before any official visit is possible? Even Israelis are starting to blame Bush for encouraging the war.

The US had influence in Lebanon
Lebanon did everything the US wanted prior to this including getting Syria to leave the country. It will be a miracle if this does not all completely reverse.

The bad news
Israel needs a military victory now. It can destroy a conventional army. The nearest one is in Syria. So a war on Syria is on the table before Syria can adopt Hezbollah tactics.

2006 August 13

A possible ceasefire in Israel's war on Lebanon
It is supposed to go into effect early tomorrow. Israel will claim Hezbollah was defeated even though on its last day it sent 250 rockets into Israel, the most ever in a single day. Israel will blame the current government. The government will blame Bush for encouraging the war. AIPAC will pull support for Bush and the US media will turn on him. So much for predictions.

After Israel failed to be the first country to successfully fight a guerrilla war it quickly decided making claims of victory was a better route than actually destroying Hezbollah. Hezbollah has claimed the right to attack any Israelis in Lebanon and the IDF is demanding a retreat as quickly as possible.

Cheap as dirt 1980s antitank weapons easily took out every Israeli tank they hit. Israel is saying everything short of "Hezbollah didn't fight fair."

The ceasefire terms changed in the last two weeks from being a total victory for Israel when it appeared to be winning to a total defeat for Israel when it was clear it had no chance at any meaningful accomplishment. Lebanon can be in full compliance with the ceasefire by recruiting Hezbollah into a reserve army. That would leave them not only armed but lawfully permit them to be rearmed.

Hezbollah played by the rules. It did not send rockets into Israel until Israel bombed Lebanon. It can be expected to do the same in the future. So what if it means the Lebanese government is involved? Israel has already said it would hold the government responsible for any future actions. So it might as well have a say at the table.

Israel will do as it has always done. Tell the people they are in danger and denounce the proponents of peace. Israel's atheist rulers have only one use for Jews and that is cannon fodder.

2006 August 12

David 1, Goliath 0
If 2000 fighters can do this, what can 10,000 do?

Long live the fighters!

I have often asked why Israel's actions are deliberately designed to create hatred of Israel. I found the answer right from an Israeli government source. In a nutshell, it does not put Israel at risk and it gives political cover for future Israeli atrocities.

2006 August 8

How many Hezbollah fighters?
Hezbollah does not publish its membership numbers so Israel makes propaganda guesses. In the beginning it was only 1000. After a week Israel raised the estimate to 2000. Now it is hawking 3000. Considering it has claimed to have killed over 300, one third of 1000, it is wise to increase the to total number to explain why that has had no observable effect.

2006 August 7

It is clear the US backs Israel's war
Unfortunately for Americans it also backs Israel's coming wars with Syria and Iran. Israel is trying to provoke Syria into responding as it did in 1967. Washington is Israeli occupied territory.

Ceasefire in Lebanon?
Can't happen. The current UN draft resolution has no enforcement. It leaves Israeli troops in Lebanon making them lawful military targets for all Lebanese. And as it is an occupying army attacks on Israel are lawful. It gives Hezbollah and Lebanon nothing, Israel everything. It can't work. The deal is impossible for Lebanon or Hezbollah to accept which is what the US wants so it can blame them for not wanting peace.

The order of events was a follows

  1. Two Israeli soldiers captured
  2. Israel bombs Lebanon
  3. Hezbollah fires rockets into Israel
The serious violence was started by Israel. It was planned for at least a year. The US knew of those plans. The captured soldiers were merely an excuse. Israel doesn't give a damn about them.

Why would Hezbollah agree to anything against its interests? One to two thousand people holding off Israel for 26 days with Israel left blustering "you just wait" until we take the gloves off or some such. With the slaughter Israel has perpetrated Hezbollah could reconstitute itself in a week and be ten times stronger in a month.

All of Lebanon has seen the worst that Israel can do. They have seen Israelis for the animals they are. All of Lebanon wants nothing but Israeli blood.

Yet the UN resolution is difficult to distinguish from a total surrender of national sovereignty by Lebanon. Why would any country agree to that?

Why must Hezbollah be disarmed?
Because Hezbollah is the only credible defense Lebanon has against Israel. Zionists have planned to control or destroy Lebanon since the late 1930s.

Compare Nasrallah to Olmert, Peretz and Halutz
Nasrallah is the calm and rational speaker. The others studied at the Adolf Hitler School of Public Speaking. They shout, they pound tables, they make grandiose statements, they sound very silly.

What about the ten thousand Lebanese?
Never heard of them? They are held in Israeli concentration camps without charges. Hezbollah is the only organization trying to get them released. Only Hezbollah cares about them.

2006 August 6

Fallout from Israel's rape of Lebanon
Not much yet but as their targets are mainly Shi'ites and Shi'ites are 60% of Iraq and 80% of Iran and US troops are caught between that rock and that hard place in Iraq, Americans would appear to be the most likely target.

Why? All the bombs uses to murder Lebanese are made in America. And not just happen to come from there but it is well known Bush is rushing replacements for what Israel has used so far to assure the slaughter can continue. It matters where the weapons come from because it matters to the US and Israel where Hezbollah's weapons come from.

America is complicit in the murder of Lebanese and in fact appears to encourage it. Way to go George! Gotta love ya for your murderous ways.

Israel needs an exit strategy
Unfortunately it doesn't have one and no prospect of getting one from the US. Neither Lebanon nor Hezbollah agree to the best compromise of the UNSCR on the issue so there is no hope. It permits Israel to stay in Lebanon and that is the entire reason for the existence of Hezbollah.

Israel needs an early exit for the economic cost of the war on Israel itself. This has been the greatest economic impact of any war it has fought save for the first in 1948 where it had no economy of interest to begin with. It is spending money hand over fist with no benefit or end in sight.

1/6th of the country is living in bomb shelters and producing no revenues. The gov insisted upon paying those government employees (52% of the workers) as though they were working. The others are on welfare. 30,000 civilian IDF reserve have been called up and converted from tax payers to salaried employees. There is no end in sight because the UN resolution does not call for Israel to leave Lebanon.

Of course Israel will not collapse as the US Congress will pay for all the losses. But it comes at an awkward time during the summer recess and after that a two week perfunctory session before adjourning to campaign for re-election. It can be December before Israel gets a penny to cover the costs of its aggression. That is a long time in terms of economic collapse.

Obviously tourism has collapsed. As Nazareth and Bethlehem have both been rocket targets the Christmas season tourism is not going to happen. About 1/5th of Israel's economy is Christian tourists. It could make that up by letting in Muslim tourists but it hates them so much more than Christians.

I hate trying predictions as even when they are correct they don't often make the news even when correct. The Shekel is going to devalue. Israel's deficit is going to increase significantly. Israeli public opinion is going to turn against the war for all the wrong reasons -- not that it kills Gentiles but that it hurts the Jewish economy.

Peacekeeping force in South Lebanon
How dumb can you get? Lebanese will lawfully kill them. They will not be capable of dealing with Israeli acts of war. Why bother? Besides all parties, Lebanon, Hezbollah, Israel and the IDF have said there will be no cease fire. Only Bush and Blair are stupid enough to send troops into that situation.

2006 August 3
International force on the border?
It needs a license to shoot at both sides, Hezbollah and Israel, and the means to do it. That means SAMs capable of downing Israeli F-16s to protect Lebanon's airspace. That means artillery sufficient to match Israel's. That means twice as many, top of the line tanks as Israel.

Daring Israeli raid captures Hassan Nasrallah
Commandos with heavy air support captured Hassan Nasrallah in a Baalbeck hospital. Unfortunately for the Keystone Kommandos this one runs a toystore for a living. Way to go, Keystones!

Israel's target in Lebanon
From all the objective evidence, from considering what is being done and ignoring what is being said, Israel's target is all Lebanese in general and its one third Shia population in particular -- all of it justified by two POWs. The Kosher Hotdogs in the skies are indiscriminate in their bloodlust and slaughter.

The so called political leadership of Israel follows the common wisdom of Nazi Germany.

"Why, of course the people don't want war but, after all, it is the leaders ... of the country who determine the policy, and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy, or a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament or a communist dictatorship ... voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is to tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger." -- Hermann Goering at Nuremberg

The leadership declares it is protecting the country from rocket attacks and denounces anyone who speaks the truth that the rockets started after Israel started bombing Lebanon. The defense from rocket attacks is simple. Stop bombing Lebanon.

The thousands of you who have been reading this file have noticed I judge by what people do not by what they say. I was doing it long before House on TV. It usually takes a lot of time to collect what is being done to make sense of what is happening. In this Israeli war on Lebanon it took no time at all. It was obvious from the first day. POWs are taken. Israel bombs Lebanon. Hezbollah fires rockets into Israel. Israel claims the rockets are its justification.

This is the classic no-brainer. It took no time or effort at all to see the actions and to ignore all words about the actions.

Now back to the regularly scheduled nonsense.

What is Bush doing?
America has no national interest in the existence or continuation of Israel. Israel is of no interest or value to the US. Europe has a greater interest for its supply out out of season produce, its Mexico, than does the US to which it sells nothing at all. If Israel were to vanish tomorrow it would simply disappear from the news and no one would notice anything missing. There are plenty of wars in the world to replace Israel's entertainment value.

So why is Bush or any American backing this useless, worthless country? Screw ideology. Ideology is for communists. Why waste a penny on Israel? Show me what it is worth. And after that we can price what it is worth.

Spreading democracy is a political sham that the US does not support spreading democracy. Palestine voted democratically and Israel destroyed its elected government with the approval of Bush. Screw self-determination! That is only a lie for the stupid voters so they think they are doing something good.

The US openly promotes democracy. Democracy is a winner take all system. The US NEVER promotes a constitutionally limited republican form of government. Do not blame people for believing what the US says it promotes.

And what is worse for these sanctimonious warmongers is they do not mean the US in 1789 but the US today. It can't be a "democracy" unless it is the US today not the US in 1789. A country cannot be a democracy unless women have complete equal rights and the entire culture of the country short circuits two centuries of the American experience which is impossible. The American culture was behind the rest of the western world on women's rights and abolishing slavery. Should Europe have waged war on America to impose its ideas? Not hardly. The Texans fought Santa Ana to keep slavery. How very Iranian.

This is not to make for fighting words. This is to point out people have to do their own thing in their own time and it is not business of anyone else what they are doing or why unless there is a military threat.

Bringing this back to Bush and his sucking Israeli genitalia why in hell does he enable Israel to make war on Lebanon? Israel is of no value to the US. Israel is only worth out of season supermarket produce to Europe. Israel is a great place to dump stupid Jews. What else is it good for?

US sends humanitarian relief to Lebanon
Would it not make more sense to stop sending bombs to Israel so there would be no need for humanitarian relief?

And why is it Israel's air force is only good at bombing civilians? They are trained better than that are they not? They have to be doing this deliberately. In fact in you read Ha'aretz there are regular quotes which say they are doing it deliberately. Ten multistory buildings destroyed per rocket into Israel for example. Buildings are not Hezbollah assets. The massacre in Qana shows it was not an idle threat.

Israel's wars

  • 1967 == 6 days against three countries
  • 1973 == 20 days against three countries
  • 2006 == 23 days with no end in sight against 1000 men in one country
Israel claims there are only 1000 fighters in Hezbollah.

2006 August 2
Israel in a war of survival with Hezbollah
So Israel has said and so the stupid repeat. It is nothing but a foolish attempt to excuse Israel's war crimes in Lebanon. Of course if you do not believe it you hate Jews. Not me. I hate all stupid people even if they are Jews. Hezbollah is a threat to the existence of Israel? How stupid does one have to be to believe that? The average IQ of the Diaspora increases every time one of them emigrates to Israel.

Israel's success has been so great that a number of 215 rockets fell on Israel. Anyone want to bet Hezbollah is in its last throes?

So Israel sends 10,000 troops into Lebanon to deal with 2000 Hezbollah. That leaves 30,000 preparing to enter. How is it possible so many are needed if Syria is not the target?

Israel joined the Red Cross in June
Israel has been bombing Lebanese Red Cross ambulances since it began the war. Looks to me as though Israel should be kicked out ASAP.

Americans are slow-witted
Very few of them have realized there is no legitimate US interest in the survival of Israel. Moreover there is a modest US interest in the eradication of Israel.

I know the rednecks will scream about their bible mythology and the Jews disloyal to America will shout antisemite but these are facts.

Kosher Hotdogs in the skies of Lebanon
Hotdog pilots are emptying their weapons load on anything that moves and apparently for fun if it does not move. If it is in Lebanon play your video game of wanton destruction. Hope for more bloody babies for the home folk to slaver over.

Last minute goodies for the Zionists
15 of the 37 kids you slaughtered in Qana were disabled and could not travel any further north. That makes their blood smell sweeter.

PM Olmert says Hezbollah infrastructure totally destroy just before a record 215 rockets fall on Israel. This guy is a laugh a minute.

And Hezbollah is recruiting from the refugees in Syria. And Israel is whine about it. Israel knew its aggression was a godsend for Hezbollah recruiting. So why do they always whine when they get what they wanted?

2006 August 1

No rockets fired from Qana
Now that Israel has admitted it are they double double sorry for the massacre?

Who is an ally?
An ally is a nation which has signed a treaty of alliance with the US. There is no other legal meaning of the word. Israel has not. Israel is not an ally of the US.

Israel calls up another 15,000 reserve troops
Until now those reserve troops were hiding among the civilian population of Israel. Now they are preparing not to attack Syria.

Propagandists for Israel

  • Talk as though there have been missile attacks by Hezbollah for years even though there were none before Israel bombed Lebanon. Most people don't know or care about the difference between Hamas and Hezbollah.
  • Never mention Israel's violation of Lebanon's borders nearly every day for the last six years.

The US has no ability to respond to a military need
The Iraq war has reduced readiness to zero. No US troops are combat ready.

and Syria?
If the world wants Syria's help in bringing peace to Lebanon Israel will have to return the Golan without conditions.

and Israel?
Its murderous population is in a blood rage and will not be satisfied without massive Lebanese deaths, the younger the better. Baby blood is so much more satisfying.

2006 July 31

Israel's two day ceasefire
It lasted two hours and was broken by Israel. Hezbollah kept the ceasefire. There are no Hezbollah in Qana yet Qana is being attacked. Israel continues to refuse to let food and water into southern Lebanon where it is needed. Israel continues to tell everyone to leave southern Lebanon while continuing to destroy road and bridges and continuing to attack refugees on the road.

In Lebanon the majority of the dead are civilians. In Israel the majority of the dead are soldiers.

Meanwhile back in Israeli controlled territory
The White House and Congress remain solidly behind Israel. They agree Israel needs more time to slaughter more Lebanese to no benefit towards no defined goal.

Hard to believe but
When Israel's attack on Hezbollah began most of the Arab world and most of Lebanon hoped Hezbollah's ass would be kicked. Israel managed to turn to that into a victory for Hezbollah making it a hero for the Arab world and all of Lebanon. Israel even managed to unite Shia and Sunni. As the saying goes, Israel never misses an opportunity to miss an opportunity.

The difference of perception
In the west the Mideast news focused on the attack on the UN in Beirut and Gaza. In the Mideast it was real time coverage of pulling bodies from the Qana massacre. Real time coverage of children, even infants, mangled and covered in blood and cement dust. And all courtesy of Israel and US smart bombs.

Maybe this is the war too far that collapses Israel and the Neocon traitors to America. Yes, any American supporting any foreign country is a traitor to America. There is no question of that. The US has had many traitors over the generations but most of them have been traitors in favor of Israel.

2006 July 30

Israel attacks Syria/Lebanon border crossing
Israel repeats it does not want war with Syria.

Syria shoots down Israeli drone spying on Syria
Israel repeats it does not want war with Syria.

Israel repeats 1996 Qana massacre
Israel repeats its regret at the unfortunate accident.

Israel needs more time in Lebanon
Every few days Israel announces it will needs an increasing amount of time. It started at one week, then ten days, now it is up two weeks.

Almost forgot
There was another Israeli massacre in Qana.

And final note
Washington still sucks Zionist genitalia on command.

2006 July 29

Israel can't get a win in Lebanon
It is about time it declares victory and starts negotiating with Hezbollah. Governments like Saudi Arabia and Egypt who at first kept arm's length from the war have come out against Israel and for Hezbollah for fear of revolts to remove them from power and from this world.

Israel has itself in a protracted war which is exactly what they have always avoided. The north of the country is out of the economy. 30,000 taxpayers have been put on the government's military payroll. There is no end in sight. All Hezbollah has to do to win is not to lose. The longer the war the better for Hezbollah.

In the meantime Israel's slaughter of civilians is indiscriminate. What Israel describes as surgical strikes is destroying city blocks. The images reinforce the negative opinions and are turning public opinion against Israel in the usually sympathetic west. In the US its only supporters left are neocons, Jews and stupid Christians expecting the end of the world real soon. And for the last the only reason they support Israel is so the Jews of the world will either convert or die.

Turkey attacks Kurds in Iraq
It is just another preemptive war now that they are approved by the US for its own wars and for Israel's.

2006 July 27

Occupied Syria
Israel is readying its military bases in southern Syria preparing for an all out attack on Syria. Of course they deny that is the intention. A faked attack from Syria will be needed to force Israel to attack Syria with much regret, a heavy heart and American weapons.

Israel's war on Lebanon
I wonder if they are considering just how many new members of Hezbollah they are creating. Same with new members of Hamas in Gaza. Every new member is morally justified in killing Israelis.

Any way there are two possible outcomes. Israel will have to call it off without ending Hezbollah or it will be the first modern army to win a guerrilla war. Anyone want to put money on which it will be?

Meanwhile two major items of out Israel. The first is calling up 30,000 army reserves. The second is announcing it has no plans to attack Syria. This sort of matches last month's US announcement that it will begin decreasing troops in Iraq and this week's announcement of a troop increase. Ya gotta love how predictable they are.

Bush planning to send US troops to defend Israel
It has been reported and may or may not be true but it is expected from what he has said about defending Israel. Defending Israel's criminal aggression? Again, an impeachable offense and without the color of law to protect his actions and thus liable to personal retribution.

2006 July 26

Israel has lost the public relations war
Despite the unfair and unbalanced coverage in the US Israel the rest of the world is seeing Lebanon unfiltered by Zionist sympathies. The entire war on Lebanon is seen by the world for what it is. Israel claimed its purpose was to destroy Hezbollah quickly and now it is down to weakening Hezbollah in weeks. Given the progress so far the weeks will stretch into months.

The worst loss of the propaganda war is Hezbollah will be able to claim victory over the never-mighty Israel Defense Force. It will prove driving the IDF out of southern Lebanon was not a fluke but a natural result of jihadist resistance to Israel. For jihadist read patriotic if you want to come close to understanding it.

Everyone has seen by now the IDF cannot deal with resistance on the ground. Its propaganda is cheap. It claimed first to control a Hezbollah stronghold town and later in the day had to report the deaths of 12 IDF still trying to take control of the town. This is the PR disaster Israel has always sought to avoid, the impotence of the IDF against the will of the people.

Air strikes have NEVER done anything but to increase resistance to aggression. Israel knows this. Yet Israel does everything it can to increase the hatred against Israel. The fire bombing of Dresden increased German resistance in WWII. So did the fire bombing of Tokyo. Why does Israel want to increase the resistance against itself?

2006 July 25

UN Observers killed
If a mistake can be made with using a precision guided weapon and if a clearly marked building can be painted with a laser to make certain the bomb hits then it could be considered an accident. It was located near the Lebanese border with Syria. If on the other hand Israel claims Syria attacked them in sight of this observation post then it was clearly removing witnesses to contradict the claim that Syria attacked or was resupplying Hezbollah or whatever excuse is needed to start war with Syria.

Besides the dead contacted Israeli forces ten times in six hours warning that the attacks were getting too close. So maybe Israel did not know for certain which was the UN observation post and had to use the calls to help identify it.

Kofi Annan described it as apparently deliberate. Israel shocked, shocked I tell you Monsieur Rick, to suggest Israel would deliberately attack the UN.

Lebanese ambulance
Of course people who attack ambulances will attack anything. Of course they have been attacked food and medicine convoys so this should be no surprise.

It is difficult to avoid the conclusion Israelis love war and get some sort of autoerotic thrill over atrocities. I can imagine the furious genital stimulation while viewing these pictures. Their last orgy was in 1982.

Even Israeli children (Jewish children not Muslim or Christian children) send their regards to the children of Lebanon "with love". Do they have to join the Zionjüngen?

Ten to thirty thousand US troops to Lebanon
At least that is what Bush wants. Hezbollah will attack them. Bush will claim Syria ordered the attacks. Bush will order an attack on Syria. That is a Neocon dream leading to war on Iran.

Where will the troops come from without a draft?

2006 July 24

Notice the slant on Lebanon
All the news and commentary talks about Israel's right to defend itself. They imply from the missiles. But the missiles did not start flying until after Israel started bombing Lebanon. If Israel had not attacked then there would be no missiles falling on Israel. Israel started the shooting. The soldiers used as an excuse for the shooting were captured inside Lebanon.

Chemical weapons anyone?
Many injured in Lebanon have wounds clearly caused by phosphorus. Doctors report the wounds smell of phosphorus. From Israel with love.

Back in Iraq
Things are going so well in Iraq, Bush is sending even more troops.

And the Prime Minister of Iraq is in the US. He has voiced his support of Hezbollah against Israel. Now comes the test of how independent Iraq really is.

2006 July 21

Lebanese to love Israel in the future
Despite any claims of justification by Israel, real or fictitious, in the future all Lebanese have every moral right to attack Israel.

410 to 8, the House of Congress supports Israel
"We, the Jewish people control America and Americans know it." Ariel Sharon

2006 July 20

Rockets fall on Bethlehem
And we learned that Israeli bomb shelters are for Jews only. The government built none in Bethlehem because it is a predominantly Muslim city. No warning sirens either. Racism run rampant.

US rushes weapons to Israel
Whatever for? Why did Israel start this war without sufficient stockpiles? If it is going to be over soon, what is the rush? But it is good to know if Iran resupplies Hezbollah there is no reasonable objection to it.

Syria needs to tell Hezbollah to stop this shit
Sayeth the flaming Bush. What shit is that? Firing rockets into Israel? That did not start until after Israel began attacking civilian targets in Lebanon. Is it not proper to first tell Israel to stop this shit?

Israel warns civilians to leave southern Lebanon
And then Israeli jets attack people leaving followed by tanks destroying their homes, abandoned or not. That is certainly the way to win the hearts of the Lebanese people. Israel demands these same people disarm Hezbollah. Israel is only interested in murder.

Israel 8, Canadians 0
Israel slaughtered eight Canadians in Lebanon this week. About time for Canada to take a little payback from Israel.

2006 July 18

A bunch of Europeans went to Palestine to pick a fight
And we got Israel.

2006 July 17

WWIII for idiots
The war chant goes something like, "There have been terrorist attacks all over the world." That satisfies the first W, the world part. Now a war is when there is so much war news from around the world that the media has to find the few major incidents worth covering at the expense of hundreds of other incidents not as important. The current rate is less than two worth covering each a year. That does not match the second W, the war part.

The magnitude of an attack is not measured by the press coverage it gets. It is measured only in deaths, injuries and the cost of things destroyed. A missile exploding in an empty field is a page ten one-liner. It is not measured in national pride or violated sovereignty or anything else.

Back in Iraq
The UN finds 14,000 Iraqis killed in violence in the first half of the year. Percentagewise that is between 170,000 and 210,000 Americans. Would we call it a civil war with those numbers?

Scrolling back to 2 and 5 July the number of deaths increased between sources over three days. This report puts death rate at nearly 2500 per month in May and June.

In case you thought all the screw-ups had been accounted for, US supported Iraqi Kurds have been infiltrating Turkey. Turkey is considering entering Iraq to attack the Kurds on their own territory. Does the US attack Turkey? rein in the Kurds? do nothing? Your guess is as good as mine.

The goal in Lebanon
The goal in Lebanon was set by Israel in 1956, fifty six. That is install a Christian dictator friendly to Israel.

The method this time as in the last invasion is the indiscriminate bombing of civilians and the civilian infrastructure of no possible value to Hezbollah. Hospitals, schools, bridges are all targets. The number dead rises by the hour being well over 200 now including a vacationing Canadian family. There are no claimed Hezbollah dead as yet. After Israel remedies this by making the claim it is of no value until the claim is confirmed as Israel has no way of knowing who it is killing.

Israel has said it all the fault of the dead for living in Hezbollah neighborhoods. What Israel has not pointed out is that it considers all of southern Lebanon to be a Hezbollah neighborhood.

2006 July 16

Israel's coming attack on Iran
Maybe not this week but soon. It has to get a war going with Syria and depend upon the mutual defense agreement between Syria and Iran to bring Iran into the fighting. And the US? Bush has said he will defend Israel if it is attacked.

There is no treaty between the US and Israel which calls it as there is between Iran and Syria. Israel is not a legal ally of the US. Allies exist only as a consequence of ratified treaties. Bush has no authority as president to defend Israel either in the Constitution or in law pursuant to a ratified treaty.

It has been well established from the original debates in the constitutional convention the president has no such right and that the constitution was written specifically to prohibit the president from doing such a thing. Defending Israel will be an impeachable offense but Congress will not have the balls to do anything about it. No rationale can create a power which does not exist no matter how persuasive.

2006 July 15

Israel bombs targets in Syria
Where would be get our horrible examples were it not for little Israel? This is opening a third front at a time when one would expect them to keep the fighting as localized as possible. And of course attacks an Egyptian ship hauling cement 45 miles off of Lebanon.

Israel has given Syria 72 hours to stop all Hezbollah activity and release the two soldiers else be attacked. Even IF at one time Syria had been completely responsible that would be impossible in these circumstances.

There can be no question at this point. Israel it trying to provoke a regional war. It will keep expanding the fighting until it gets it. There is no point to it unless the US in planning to join in.

True or not Israel keeps saying the missiles fired at it were made in Iran. Every missile and bomb it uses was made in America. There is more than enough culpability to go around.

Speaking of provocations
25,000 Americans are trapped in Lebanon and the US is showing no urgency in getting them out. Nor has it been explained to Israel that it will be held responsible for their safety. Bush has abandoned them. What happened to his duty to protect Americans? He was bushitting you.

Israel is a master of the false flag operation so any deaths are as likely murders by Israel as by anyone else.

2006 July 13

When the US fights another of Israel's wars
The next one is going to appear a "what else can we do" war. The answer is stop Israel now before it gets that bad. AIPAC will not permit that so get ready for more dead Americans fighting another of Israel's wars.

The captured two
It finally comes out they were in Lebanon when captured. Why did Israel choose to send them into Lebanon to be captured?

2006 July 12

Two IDF captured by Hezbollah
Israel declares it an act of war. At least Israel admits they are prisoners of war? No. It will not say that. Rather it will say they were abducted.

Lebanon responsible for Hezbollah act of war
Every time Lebanon explains it has a treaty with Israel which prohibits any significant military forces near the border with Israel the west ignores it. So when Israel says it hold Lebanon responsible for Hezbollah activities on that border while refusing to let Lebanese troops into the border region the west naturally blames Lebanon instead of Israel.

But no sooner than Israel declared the capture of two Israeli members of the IDF than it declared they were hostages not prisoners of war. It first attacked Hezbollah positions across the border. It then proceeded to attack civilian targets such as the international airport and to kill civilians.

What is going on?
It is not clear. At the moment it appears Israel is trying to provoke a regional war.

Back in the US
Bush declares Syria and Iran are responsible. It appears he is showing some independence from Israel at the moment. Do not expect it to last. But Bush has a problem in that it blamed Syria for the assassination of Hariri even though Israel had the most to gain from it. So how does he reconcile the two? He does another Yosemite Sam imitation.

And how can he demand Syria control Hezbollah in Lebanon when he was Neocon in Chief demanding Syria leave Lebanon so it could possibly do what he demands?

2006 July 8

Israel in Gaza
Why? The lie is to pressure the people to turn against their government. This is a lie as every time in all recorded history this has been tried it has increased the people's support for their government. It has never decreased support. As this is a trivial observation, Israel is in Gaza to increase popular support for Hamas and the Hamas government. As the basic pretext of this is Hamas won a fair election Israel is intentionally increasing support for Hamas.

2006 July 7

Now we know about the lies
A more credible report says the North Korean long range missile was in flight for seven minutes. That long make it credible to have found the down range impact point.

There are problems with the seven minute report. I would have cleared Japan and fallen east of it if this were true. So we are left with the rock and the hard place of two incredible reports.

Speaking of lies
The officially designated successor to Zarqawi in Iraq has been in prison in Egypt for the last seven years and is still there. Not that this is a simple matter of a mistake by the US. The was a tape of bin Laden designating a man in prison in Egypt as the successor to Zarqawi is also a fake. Therefore we know the US fakes tapes of bin Laden. OK, we do not really know who fakes them but we know they are all suspect as fakes because of this tape.

But US was so stupid (or behind the fraud) that it put a $5 million bounty on him. So can the warden of the Egyptian prison claim it? If not, why not? A bounty has no escape clause for errors.

For the record the US knew so much about him BEFORE the tape appeared that it knew he was in Afghanistan in 2002, his third year in prison. The US revealed a modest and obviously totally fabricated biography of him.

This is nothing new. Seven of the 9/11 hijackers were dead before 9/11 or are still alive and have been interviewed on TV in the middle east. No US source has picked up the interviews. The FBI says it will not change its webpage naming them as the dead terrorists.

If a government lies to voters democracy is impossible.

And the attack on the Holland Tunnel?
A conspiracy requires not just talk but one overt act in furtherance of the conspiracy under US law. There is no mention of any overt act in the news reports. So the most we have are silly people trying to out-brag each other. Furtherance means an act specific to the planned crime not a map of New York. From many previous arrests such as of the president of the Jewish Defense League it would mean procuring explosives.

If this is the greatest threat we face then the police can handle it.

2006 July 6

Korea and the obvious
Obvious to those of us who have spent time in Washington around the upper level military at least. Sometimes we take these things as so self-evident its takes a 2x4 to realize everyone does not know it.

In the matter of Korea we have 33,000 troops there. Their purpose is to die. With their deaths the American public can be rallied to support another useless war in Korea. They are a tripwire to American support of the war.

You will find the word tripwire but you will not find what it means explained in public nor in any classified document I know of. But when you regularly talk to military people who have been there, who know, who can evaluate what 33,000 can do against North Korea you quickly learn the meaning of tripwire. It is to trip American support for war.

There is some good news from South Korea. They are more willing to deal with North Korea than the US. Not that what they want counts for a hill of beans to their American masters but in time they might get some control over their own destiny.

Fear North Korea
We are told the missile was in the air forty two seconds, was not functioning properly, and also that it was aimed at waters "off of" Hawaii. First that is barely enough flight time to figure it destination if working correctly. And equal case can be made that it was destroyed because the malfunction was sending it too close to Hawaii. Who is BSing who?

2006 July 5

Making it look better than it is in Iraq
Go back to July 2 and find over a thousand a month which is the official number of dead from insurgent attacks. That referenced the official total for all of Iraq was 1006. Today a report on the Baghdad morgue reports 1595 in June. That being just Baghdad how do we reconcile the official claim of 1006 for all of Iraq for June? We assume the official figures are deliberately understated. If you can't find any good news understate the bad news. This is an aberration as there were 1155 in April and 1375 in May. The understatement has been going on for a long time.

2006 July 4

The coming 2006 election
65% of Americans are against the war on Iraq. Therefore we would expect 65% of the candidates who are running to express the will of the electorate would be against the war and campaign on that platform.

For those not familiar with America not one of the candidates for 468 congressional offices open to vote will come out against the war. I do not mean fringe candidates but from the only two parties that matter. This is because the American political system is such that it never permits the voters a choice on anything related to foreign policy. It is by design.

What is the use of voting if there is no choice to make?

What are the other issues? Please tell me flag burning and gay marriage are not the only substantive issues in 2006. And if they are where can I find a country not living in fantasy land? Flags can be burned or another thousand or two Americans can die in Iraq before the 2008 election? Burned flags or dead Americans. So hard to decide which is most important.

I am not the one to decide which is the most important. The two parties will decide that by not letting anyone campaign on preventing the death of Americans by leaving Iraq ASAP. Americans a not permitted to vote on any important issue. That is the way the parties want it.

Excuse me but when did peace become a populist issue?

Since when did realizing democracy cannot be spread at gunpoint become unavailable to citizens to choose?

The since when is since the parties agreed to eliminate foreign policy including war from the political process. In practice that means there is retroactive approval of the fifty plus thousand dead Americans in Korea because Truman said so to absolutely no purpose. No American died in Korea to keep us free any more than any American has ever died in any foreign war to keep us free.

No American has died in Iraq to keep us free. If they were alive today would we be less free? Can Iraqis drive car bombs from Baghdad to Los Angeles? Does Bush have two functioning neurons?

Speaking of political parties
Why is it we hold conspiracies by corporations to be criminal but do not consider conspiracies among elected representatives to be criminal? A political party is a cartel. The parties colluding to manipulate elections as in preventing anti-war candidates is a criminal conspiracy outside of politics.

Principles are principles. The US system of political parties is a criminal conspiracy.

2006 July 3

Afghanistan war heats up
It was never won. It never ended. The government simply lied about it as it lied about Mission Accomplished? Now it is returning in force financed by four years of drug profits and a record harvest this year. Can the US win? Russia lost. Russian troops are traditionally much more ruthless than Americans. Russia announced it had won too. Amazing how stupid people can be.

2006 July 2

Zarqawi dead, no change in violence
For all the hoopla Zarqawi's contribution to the violence was so little no difference can be seen without him. It is still running over 1000 per month.

Israel in Gaza, Krystalnacht exonerated
If this is a legitimate response to the capture of one soldier, Krystalnacht was a legitimate response to the murder of one ambassador. Being captured is an occupational hazard for soldiers. Being murdered is not considered an occupational hazard for an ambassador.

2006 July 1

Bush is officially a war criminal
The US Supreme Court found Bush's actions in violation of the Geneva Convention on the treatment of prisoners. He is now officially a war criminal. If the US does not prosecute him then any nation in the world is authorized to arrest and prosecute him.

Little Israel heard from again
For a week now Israel has been doing everything possible to increase Palestinian support for Hamas. Although it claims to be doing the opposite there is not one case in all history where this has worked.

2006 June 27

What Americans missed
On Tuesday last week the Prime Minister of China arrived unannounced at Dulles International Airport and landed without prior clearance. He was escorted from Dulles to the Chinese embassy in DC by private security guards hired by the Embassy. Upon arrival he summoned President Bush to the embassy giving him five minutes to arrive for the photo op and state level meeting.

That did not happen but that is what Bush did in Iraq to the Prime Minister of the not sovereign state of Iraq. Imagine American reaction to the above. Imagine Iraqi reaction to what did happen.

Meanwhile Chinese troops and mercenaries patrol America
They are only in America to restore peace after removing Bush from power in a lawful regime change and imposing a communist Chinese constitution upon the US. The American ability to protect the Chinese has been poor as all military and police have been fired and former politicians have been banned from participation in public affairs. It is unclear when Americans will be able to stand up to anti-Chinese forces so the Chinese can stand down.

Meanwhile in Atlanta terrorists have bombed an office filled with people applying to join the Chinese organized police to support the new Chinese created government of America.

Car bombs the favorite weapons of Americans
Indiscriminate bombings continue in America. Most of the victims are their fellow Americans. The Atlanta bombing is typical of the terrorist Americans. They attack the very people trying to bring stability to the new communist America. These people have only hatred in their hearts, hatred for all things Chinese. The Americans hate us because we are free.

2006 June 26

Palestinians guilty again
In the two weeks before Palestinians from Gaza destroyed an Israeli tank, killing two, injuring one, kidnapping a fourth, had murdered 18 civilians in Gaza including women, children and paramedics. But it is Palestinians who are guilty for fighting back. It is always the same. Zionists can do no wrong.

But they kidnapped a member of the Israeli army!!! The day before Israeli troops entered Gaza and kidnapped two Palestinians who have since disappeared. The government press release said they were terrorists but they have not been charged. They have not been heard of since. Ever wonder who sold Bush on the idea of a prison in Guantanamo?

The real screw up in this was the failure of IDF policy to kill their own rather than let them be taken prisoner. If Palestinians kill him it will be murder. Looks to me like they will be doing the IDF's job for them.

Yes the IDF does have this policy and it is well known in Israel. The reason is the voters get hysterical when it happens and demand the government make all the concessions demanded. When it happens near elections the government has been forced to do just that. The policy to kill their own is to avoid having to make concessions to the occupied people.

And the world goes along with it
The IDF is enforcing a criminal occupation of Gaza. Why is the death of the criminals more important than the deaths of the victims of occupation? Does Israel control the news in the West? I have no answer to that question. I do know the press behaves as though it is controlled by Israel.

Why does not the government of Palestine stop it?
The government does not have the arms needed because Israel does not want them to have weapons. The government does not have money to pay men to make peace because Israel does not want them to have money to pay salaries. The government in the West Bank does not have access to Gaza because Israel does not want them to have access to Gaza.

So first making it impossible for the Palestinian government to do anything about it Israel then holds the government responsible for not stopping it. Where is even a casual mention of the in the news? If Israel controlled the news it is not clear how the coverage could better promote Israeli propaganda.

Democrats who call for getting our troops out of Iraq are attacked by the administration which regularly reveals plans to do the same thing.

2006 June 25

16 GIs killed in Iraq last week
Stay this course you idiot! That will be 832 more dead in the next year. Some course to stay. This has not been the worst week so lets not be optimistic at so few deaths for nothing. The fighting is at the gates of the Green Zone.

They did not die for our freedom. They did not die to protect America. They did not die to make the world a safer place.

The best that can be said is they died failing to clean up the mess Bush created.

Am I being negative?
I read the news just before the fall of Saigon. It was positive. It was hopeful. It was the government line. The fall came as a surprise over a matter of a few days. The fighting was in Saigon itself. The fighting is now in Baghdad itself. The Saigon embassy was not fortified. The Green Zone is fortified.

The worst of it is if the Green Zone falls whoever takes over Iraq, even if the democratically elected Prime Minister, he will be demonized and Iraq will return to enemy status.

It happened in Iran when they kicked out dictator supported by the US. Iran did not turn communist. The animosity had nothing to do with the Cold War. What Iranians did wrong was to invade the embassy and take captive people who were actively trying to overturn the revolution and return the Shah to power.

Excuse me but if an embassy in the US were actively trying to overthrow the US government would not Americans have done the same thing?

The Saigon comparison fails
It fails because actual fighting is Saigon was the last stage to losing utterly. In the case of Iraq, Baghdad has never been secure. Never has the US had control of the five miles of highway connecting the Green Zone to the airport. That is a big never. The most important connection between US headquarters and the way in and out has never been under control. Five miles, 26,400 feet. One GI per hundred feet is hardly any at all. One per ten feet is almost nothing. Why has there been never been control of the most important part of Baghdad to the US?

2006 June 24

State of emergency in Baghdad
And the evening news ignored it for three days. The "last throes" of the insurgency are fighting just outside the Green Zone. This reminds one of nothing more than the fight just outside the US embassy in Saigon in the last days of that war. After a year of the official "last throes" the fighting is at the gates.

You call this progress, dick?

Political needs of 2006 elections
The neo-cons need terror threats going into the elections. But there are so few that they are starting to arrest the most laughable like the ninjas in Miami. Expect more and sillier in the coming months.

Test the press
Watch the news tomorrow and see if the Iraqi reconciliation plan is reported. It will call for

  • a timetable for troop withdrawal
  • amnesty for insurgents who attacked only military targets both US and Iraqi
  • a halt to all "anti-terrorist" operations for foreign military forces
  • release of all security detainees from all prisons both US and Iraqi
  • compensation for all victims of US military operations
This will be presented by the democratically elected Prime Minister. The US is officially against all four points. By the end of the week we will know who rules Iraq.

2006 June 15

2500 dead troops in Iraq
So what prize does the family get?

Amnesty for all Iraqis who killed Americans
But not for those who killed Iraqis.

This is perfectly legitimate but the aide who reported the Prime Minister of Iraq was considering was forced to resign. Iraq is a sovereign country is it not? Apparently not.

It is a perfectly reasonable reconciliation offer. If the worst was killing the foreign invaders why should Iraq care? It was not criminal, simply a matter of war.

2006 June 12

State secrets
The US government has claimed the right to have state secrets which is not granted to it by the constitution. Does not every state have the right to keep secrets? Secrecy is a crime against democracy. It makes it impossible for democracy to function. This is nothing new for this administration. Lying is also a crime against democracy.

For the purists they are also crimes against a constitutionally limited republic. The absolute requirement for self-rule is an informed electorate. Secrets and lies make it impossible to have an informed electorate.

To introduce a mundane aspect to it the government is using this claim in court to prevent the administration of justice. Not just preventing cases from going to trial but to exclude defense attorneys from hearing evidence, preventing the elementary right of the accused to know the charges against them.

So now we can add secrecy as a crime against justice.

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