Cost of visiting the USA

The USA is one of the leading countries that welcome the largest number of visitors/tourists every year. The reason behind all this is that it’s endowed with stunning infrastructure and eye-catching tourists’ attraction sites. However, visiting this country isn’t a walk in the park for it requires careful deliberations in order to make such a dream come true. Sometimes, the cost of the whole venture is quite a stumbling block. To avoid such frustrations, it’s essential to save or consolidate your funds and then implement the traveling idea. Once you get there, you shouldn’t worry about purchasing a car because Firefly car rental Denver company is there to sort you out.

Total Cost

When drafting a budget you should calculate the cost of food, accommodation, transport and sight-seeing for they dictate the whole cost.

1. Accommodation costs

The best thing about the USA is that they have a variety of accommodation options that meet every niche such as cosy B&B’s, budget motels, hostels, campsites and high-end places.
The prices vary are as follows:
Budget hotel or motels private room costs around $40-$80 per night
• Mid-range accommodation costs around $100-$200 per night
• High-end places cost over $300 dollars per night
So, it lies with you to pick the one that suits you.

2. Transport costs

A car will be required when going on a road trip in the USA. So, to ease the movement from one place to the other, it will require you to rent a car. If you are under 25 years, extra charges are put in place due to high insurance premiums.

As it’s in accommodation, prices do vary as follows:
• Budget car for two people and luggage: it costs around $200 per week.
• Mid-range car for four people and luggage: it costs around $250-$300
• High-end car: it can be a convertible, luxury vehicle or a large SUV that costs around $350-$500

3. Sight-seeing costs

This depends on your interests whereby you may choose to visit the parks, museums, beaches or even cities. For budgeting purposes, it costs around $10-$30 per person in a day for sight-seeing.

4. Food costs

This also depends on your preference whereby there is a pool of food varieties to choose from. All the food prices are reasonable but it also depends on how deep is your pocket. Normally, the prices vary as follows depending on where you prefer to eat.

• Budget: it costs around $5-$110 per person for a meal bought at a fast food restaurant, diner or food truck.
• Mid-range: it costs around $15 to $25 per person in a gastropub or good restaurant
• High-end: in a nice restaurant, it costs over $50 per person for a single meal

In conclusion, basing your budget on this, you will have a rough idea on how much you need inclusive of paying for a to and fro flight and the visa processing fees. After setting a foot in the USA, don’t forget to use 24 car rental services.